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Case Study exercises ask students to analyze a complex situation that may or may not arise from actual practice in a field. They are commonly used in law, for example.

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Dealing with uncertainty in a PhD

The background I am currently pursuing a PhD in the field of physics. From the number perspective (number of publications) everything is going fine since I have a couple. However, I find it extremely ...
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Who gets to access a case study database and how?

In Case Study Research, Yin (2003) states the importance to build a case study database, in order to increase the reliability of the findings. "...without a case study database, the raw data may ...
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Differences in Contributions Between Case Study Papers and Full Papers in Human-computer Interaction

I am currently trying to understand the nuances of different types of publications within the Human-computer Interaction (HCI) field. Specifically, I am interested in the differences between case ...
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How to differentiate between exploratory and explanatory research?

The way I gather, a explorative study is merely trying to identify certain concepts, whereas a explanatory study is trying to explain a A causes B relationship. Especially with regard to case study ...
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