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Questions tagged [case-study]

Case Study exercises ask students to analyze a complex situation that may or may not arise from actual practice in a field. They are commonly used in law, for example.

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Differences in Contributions Between Case Study Papers and Full Papers in Human-computer Interaction

I am currently trying to understand the nuances of different types of publications within the Human-computer Interaction (HCI) field. Specifically, I am interested in the differences between case ...
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Shall I quit as a co-author on this paper?

I was involved with a physician in the write up of a unique case report. In May 2022 we started the project. I wrote the introduction, case reports after interviewing the patients, prevalence data ...
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Writing a case report about my own medical problems without treating physician

I am a postdoc in epidemiology. Last year I had a very rare viral infectious disease that got me admitted to the hospital for more than a week, and it is worth a case report because it's a fairly ...
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Is a case study a type of research paper?

I can’t find an answer that explicitly says that a case study is a type of research (e.g. analytical research paper, persuasive research paper, definition research paper, etc.). There’s this site that ...
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How to differentiate between exploratory and explanatory research?

The way I gather, a explorative study is merely trying to identify certain concepts, whereas a explanatory study is trying to explain a A causes B relationship. Especially with regard to case study ...
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Is it okay to talk to the editor about the topic of paper or whether if our manuscript is suitable for the journal before submitting?

So this is my first research paper, I just wanted to know whether these things are considered unethical or idk creepy way to lure your paper in or its totally okay and people do that.
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Can we include a class or mathematical representation of a class coded in Python on a research paper/case study in field of energy [closed]

I'm writing a paper based on energy optimisation by creating discharge profile based on demand. So i wrote an algo which (not the most efficient) but works great. The problem is the algorithm is based ...
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Dealing with uncertainty in a PhD

The background I am currently pursuing a PhD in the field of physics. From the number perspective (number of publications) everything is going fine since I have a couple. However, I find it extremely ...
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How to approach potential case study companies? [closed]

Currently doing a PhD, got the initial literature research done and got to a point where I would want to approach companies in my domain to ask them whether they would be interested in participating (...
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Who gets to access a case study database and how?

In Case Study Research, Yin (2003) states the importance to build a case study database, in order to increase the reliability of the findings. "...without a case study database, the raw data may ...
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