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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Canada, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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What are the requirements for admissions to a masters degree in computer science in Canada for an international student?

I am a double major in Physics and Computer Science from an underdeveloped country. I would like to apply for a masters in computer science in Canada. What requirements do you think I should fulfill? ...
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How does the salary system for faculty in Canadian universities work?

How does the salary system for faculty members in Canadian universities work? Is it usually 8- or 9-monthly based same as in the USA Or 12-monthly? Also, what do they mean by Taxable Benefits in ...
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How to become a whistleblower?

I used to work in a company that has close ties with the academia. One of the professors ("Dr A") wasn't/isn't using his funding properly by hiring his long-time girlfriend as his research assistant. ...
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Is it possible to obtain a PhD in Canada without having to attend courses for a master degree?

I am used to European university system and I don't know much about how things are working overseas. I already hold a Bachelor degree and a Master degree. I will soon be looking for a PhD. If I am ...
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Does Canada have similar tenure-track system as the USA?

Does Canada have similar tenure-track system as the USA? Does it have around 6 years in a tenure-track position before getting tenure?
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Am I aiming too high if I am applying to physics graduate schools in Canada? [closed]

So I'm in the start of the process of applying to graduate school in Canada for a Masters in experimental physics, and am kind of overwhelmed and wondering about some things: I'm not from Canada and ...
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How hard is it for a graduate from Canada to find an employment in the US?

I'm an international PhD student currently at a university in the US (F1 visa). My professor is moving to the University of Toronto, and has invited me to move as a part of his research group. While I ...
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Should I do a second PhD in Canada or the US?

I am three years into a PhD in Germany in an interdisciplinary social sciences field (Global Integration/Global Studies), but I am quite disillusioned with the faculty and the quality of guidance here....
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