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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Canada, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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How do Canadian chairs work

I know there are tiers of Canadian chairs (Tier I and II). Tier I is for full professors and Tier II is for assistant professors. I want to know how Canadian chairs work such as how to apply for them ...
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Information on Grants & Funding in mathematical research

Professors of mathematics in research universities get grants and funding from time to time. I have two questions regarding this issue: 1) There are many sources of grants and funding, are there any ...
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How can assistant professors (without industry experience) become professional engineer in Canada?

I recently asked a question about the acceptance of postdoc years to be counted as professional experience for a professional engineer application (in Ontario, Canada). The answer I got (partially) ...
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Should I contact professors before applying for Masters in Canada?

I am looking into sending out applications for M.Eng in Aerospace in Canada. I was wondering if it is necessary for me to contact a professor before applying as M.Eng is mostly project based and not ...
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Is it possible to get back to pure math graduate study after working for two years?

I graduated with a honors computer science bachelor degree back in 2020 in Canada. During my last two years in the undergraduate study, I developed a strong interest in pure math especially algebra ...
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Are University Policies and Procedures in (public) Canadian universities supposed to be public?

I recently attempted to access the current University Policies and Procedures for a (public) Canadian university from the university's website. But when I clicked on the link to the PDF the browser ...
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How can I find the number of applicants per tenure-track position in Canada?

There are some anecdotal accounts of number of applicants per tenure-track position in the U.S., but I haven't been able to find anything for Canada. Kinds of information that would be helpful: ...
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Statement of Purpose conventions in Canada and Europe

I'm applying to universities in Canada and Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium and France) for admission to their computer science/mathematics master's programmes. I showed my statement of purpose to a ...
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Are there yearly announced post-doc positions within Canadian universities

I want to know if Canadian universities especially in Ontario propose post-doc position for PhD holders (coming from Europe), or any other research positions (associate researcher...) or maybe they ...
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Canadian Ph.D. for a master of engineering science degree holder without transcript

I am master of engineering science graduate from Malaysia and here, the M.Sc. doesn't have any course work so it is pretty much like a 2 years Ph.D. thus I don't have any transcript or what-so-ever, ...
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FZ grade and PhD application

I am graduate of Toronto University. In my master program, I, unfortunately, fail an elective course. I took an extra course to offset the credit and I pass.My overall grade is A- (except for the FZ ...
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As a US citizen, can I work for my Canadian university without a study permit from the US?

This is probably a fairly unique situation and I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask here, but I'm currently finishing up my master's at a university in Quebec, but I no longer live in Quebec as I ...
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study phd and second master at the same time at same program

I am a phd student at Civil/Structural engineering program outside of Canada but now I want to study second master of Structural engineering (my research area will be difference from my first master) ...
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Graduate Certificate After Masters

I have a Masters Degree from the UK and I would like to apply for a graduate Certificate studies in a field completely different from my Masters degree in Canada. Would there be an issue in processing ...
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A Guide to enrol for a PhD in Management with UK Regulated Qualifications

I want to enroll in a top Canadian/US university for PhD program in management with options in human resource management/entrepreneurship. I do not have a BSc degree but have over 14 years ...
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Going from a Canadian Master's to an American PhD? [CS]

This was inspired by another question here. In Canada (and Europe as I believe), the graduate school process is a little different than in the US. The default here for people going into academia/...
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