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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Canada, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Is it OK to call a professor by his first name when he/she signs emails by only first name?

If a professor in a North American country presents his- or herself by his/her first name in email messages, does this mean that students can refer to him/her by his/her first name? Or is this ...
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Deadline For PhD offer while waiting for other results

I have been offered a PhD position with full funding from my backup university, however they gave me a deadline of April 5th to either accept or decline their offer. I am still waiting for replies ...
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Is it common to buy a gift for a supervisor when he invited me to a dinner?

I am an international student. I have just started my master degree in Canada and I have been invited to a group dinner by my supervisor. This situation and culture are quite new to me; I have not had ...
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What exactly are academic librarians?

I completed my postgraduate studies in France where, unless I am mistaken, librarians that work in an academic library do more or less the same work as, say, librarians that work in a public library. ...
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Is it possible to complete a PhD in CS in 3 years?

I have always wanted to get a PhD. I'm in my thirties now and have a full time job. I don't necessarily need to get a PhD for my job, though it could open doors to a few research jobs that I can't ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to obtain a PhD in Canada without having to attend courses for a master degree?

I am used to European university system and I don't know much about how things are working overseas. I already hold a Bachelor degree and a Master degree. I will soon be looking for a PhD. If I am ...
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Why do potential supervisors not reply to my emails? [duplicate]

I have contacted so far 5 supervisors for my master program that I want to enroll in ( applications open late September and admission January 2017) . I emailed various faculty in the most polite way ...
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Should someone mention her admission to other prestigous universities in past years when she applies for a PhD program?

Last year, one of my friends received a competitive PhD offer (including a full-time research assistant position) from a highly prestigious university in Canada, however her request for Study Visa was ...
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6 answers

Do universities prefer not to hire their own PhD graduates in faculty positions? [closed]

I have heard that universities tend not to hire people who earned their PhD there for professorships (tenured or not). (I've read this question, but it's about postdocs: Is it normal that research ...
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What exactly is "campus security"?

I read this question where a teaching assistant asks how to deal with an aggressive student. In her answer, the user Nicole Hamilton gives advice to call campus security. Now, in my naive foreign ...
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How to become a whistleblower?

I used to work in a company that has close ties with the academia. One of the professors ("Dr A") wasn't/isn't using his funding properly by hiring his long-time girlfriend as his research assistant. ...
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Ethics of making students purchase lecture notes

I have a professor who has published his lecture notes in the form of a book. The only way to get access to his lecture notes is to purchase them from an off-campus bookstore. To me, this seems like a ...
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Should I do a second PhD in Canada or the US?

I am three years into a PhD in Germany in an interdisciplinary social sciences field (Global Integration/Global Studies), but I am quite disillusioned with the faculty and the quality of guidance here....
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What is a "residency requirement" in the context of Canadian and US PhD programs?

An acquaintance is planning to apply to law schools for a Ph.D in Canada. She is reading about the residency requirement and is sure that it means that she would have to live on-campus, possibly even ...
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