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Questions tagged [bologna-process]

For questions relating to the rules of and signatory countries of the Bologna Process.

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What is the difference between a magister and a master title in Austria?

After reading this question focusing on Austrian titles themselves, I still have a couple of open points that I would like to understand, especially around the relationship between Austrian titles and ...
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Pre-Bologna French degree

Can anyone refer me to materials to determine what a habilitation (HDR) earned in France, pre-Bologna circa 1993, would be equivalent to in the US? What would the US equivalent be for someone that ...
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Would a Russian specialist degree (diploma in dentistry) qualify me a for a master's program in Europe?

I have a specialist degree (specialist diploma in dentistry) from a Russian institution. Would I be eligible for a European (e.g., German) master's program in economics? If so, how do I use the ...
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Bologna Process - Equivalence note in European Supplement

I recently graduated from a MSc in Spain. When applying for PhD abroad I discovered the equivalence system in place in order to "translate" my grades here into a standard one, as part of the Bologna ...
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Israel and the Bologna Process

I am just curious. Israel is not a part of Bologna Process. So, I have two questions: Why was Israel rejected a membership in Bologna process? How is an Israeli PhD evaluated in Bologna member ...
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Are there any standard regulations for oral exams for universities in Bologna process?

As described in Wikipedia article, The Bologna Process is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of ...
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Post-Bologna process, is my sociology degree an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree?

I obtained my Sociology degree after 5 years (stipulated) university studies in Spain (Licenciatura) in 2004. Now with Bologna, sociology is only a four-year graduate program. I am not sure whether ...
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