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Need help advising my life-science / biochem daughter on choice of major, career, and internships [closed]

My daughter will be starting her senior year of high school and plans to study a biochemistry related field in college. (Makes me wonder if biophysics might be up her alley.) She participates in the ...
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Master degree after getting a PhD degree [duplicate]

I completed my Ph.D. studies and was rewarded a Doctorate degree in Dental science, with a major in Biomaterials for odontology and orthopedic bone regeneration purposes. Although I like my field. I ...
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How to cite long term unofficial usage of a non-approved medical device in the results section of a paper?

My research group has developed a novel medical device that is much needed in the area of diagnostic laboratory medicine that we are working in. We are writing a paper on this device and its results ...
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Biotech: Competing Interest Statement after leaving academia

I have recently started working on a Biotech startup in the biomedical field, and some of the academic collaborative work I did before being at the company now being published (several publications). ...
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How to justify pursuing a Masters after a Ph.D. for Visa purposes? [closed]

I have recently completed my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Regarding my background, I have a BSc and an M.Sc. in biotechnology. During my Ph.D., I wanted to work extensively in the Neuroscience domain ...
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Faculty funding in biomedical postgraduate-only institutions

What is the model for faculty funding in biomedical postgraduate-only or research-only institutions? I understand the distinction between "soft" vs "hard" money and I was told that in medical ...
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As a freshman BME interested in graduate school and academia, where do I begin? [closed]

I'm a current freshman biomedical engineering major going into my second semester, and am interested in graduate school and possibly a career in research (however, not a set decision, and could change)...
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Post doctoral while working on self employed job

I am in need to know if there is a provision wherein I could do a post-doctorate in the USA for a year or two, while I am owning my own Biotechnology firm back in my home country?
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PhD programs: select a very specific one in order to narrow down my area of interest? or a more general one and specialise as a postdoc?

I have perhaps a common doubt, a common conundrum. I'm an MS graduate, and my goal is to become a researcher in a very specific area in biotechnology, which is a branch of neurotechnology. I'm ...
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Can a Master's program be continued at a university in another country?

I am working on my Master's in Norway as an international student. Unfortunately, international students aren't allowed more than 3 years for a Master's in Norway, but I've only completed 60 of the ...
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Chances of getting a postdoc with low number of papers

I'm a Ph.D. graduate in biotechnology/molecular biology, who is actively seeking a post-doctoral position at a US or Europe-based institute. I'm neither from US, nor from Europe. Thus, I believe, my ...
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How hard is it to get admitted to a PhD programm in UK/Ireland having specialist's degree from a mediocre Russian university?

I am going to study "Bioengineering and bioinformatics" for the next 5 years and plan to pursue a scientific career afterwards. My family does not have much money to support me studying in cities like ...
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About Ph.D application to US

Suppose a student currently doing Ph.D in an institute wants to leave the institute and apply abroad for Ph.D. Should he/she mention the name of the institute he/she wants to leave? If the ...
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How would I go about doing a PhD after an M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering?

I have been accepted into Cornell for M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering. I had originally applied for an MS but since they've stopped enrolling students for MS I got into M.Eng which is an industry ...
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Are MOOCs a good way to show grad schools that I've gained proficiency in a field which is not my major? [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate computer science major with a specialization in networks and communication looking at a masters in molecular genetics. In addition to a GRE biochemistry and molecular biology ...
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Should biomedical engineering/ biotech academics aim to start businesses?

in my relatively short academic career, I've gathered that academic engineering seems to be more about creating ideas than actually iteratively improving a product using engineering methods. In my ...
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After a PhD in biotechnology/engineering - more opportunities in industry or a postdoc positions?

Currently, my fiancee are both currently pursuing our PhD's in bioengineering and materials science and engineering, respectively, at the same university. She wants to eventually have an industrial ...
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