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On standards or conventions specific to biology as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field

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Faculty funding in biomedical postgraduate-only institutions

What is the model for faculty funding in biomedical postgraduate-only or research-only institutions? I understand the distinction between "soft" vs "hard" money and I was told that in medical ...
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How much money can you get at Canadian Research universities versus US Research Universities in engineering/CS/Computational biology?

What is the common range of research money can you get at Canadian Research universities versus US Research Universities in engineering/CS/Computational biology? I am asking on some idea from personal ...
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Can there be context rich problems in Biology?

Context-rich problems are short realistic scenarios giving students a plausible motivation for solving the problem. As we search research literature, one can see lots of research in context rich ...
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Transitioning back to science after working outside of the field?

I went to university studying Immunology but university as a whole was rough for me because I was a poor international student (on scholarship) and my mental health was really bad in general. I ...
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Completing a Microbiology PhD in a hospital research institute rather than university

I'm considering doing my PhD work in a research institute of a hospital which is associated with my university (joint appointments). What are some advantages and disadvantages to this? Is it wise to ...
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What is the UK equivalent of a PC 2 laboratory?

In New Zealand and Australia we use the term 'physical containment' (PC) to describe structures and procedures designed to prevent the release of viable organisms into the environment. As far as I am ...
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Is there any Master or Ph.D. programme that involves Mathematics, Philosophy and Biology?

I majored in Business and Economics a few years ago and right now I'm looking for a master or PhD in Mathematics because I am quite passionate about it, but I just don't really know in which program ...
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Public archives for PhD thesis

I am aware that PhD theses can be self archived in university site, personal webpage or sites like researchgate (ePrint Archive for PhD Dissertation in the Social Sciences). I am not really fond of ...
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What are the differences between PhD programs in the US and UK? (biology/bioinformatics)

A significant part of the PhD process in the US involves deciding on and doing the background research for your project. Is it true that in the UK you basically get a predetermined project handed to ...
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Research Interview Presentation

I've recently been invited to an interview for an entomology technician/research role. I have been told that "The interview will consist of a 20 min (max) non-confidential presentation covering ...
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Changing fields from Mathematics to Biology/Chemistry

I’m currently in my penultimate year of an undergraduate degree in mathematics. I’ve been thinking about changing fields completely. I love maths, so I intend to graduate with this degree and I’m ...
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How to publish in genetics without access to funding or a lab?

I am currently working in quite new university as lecturer for applied medical science undergrad in genetics subjects. I am facing some issues: The university requires every lecturer do some ...
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