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Questions tagged [bioinformatics]

A field spanning biology, mathematics, computer science and statistics, focusing on the acquisition and analysis of biological data. For regular bioinformatics questions, visit our sister site Bioinformatics Stack Exchange.

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48 votes
10 answers

Is postdoc experience valued by industry?

I have recently finished my PhD and am currently considering my options. I have come to the conclusion that the teaching or the "publish or perish" nature of academia isn't really appealing for me. ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Should I decline unrelated work assigned by PhD advisor?

During the past years of my PhD program in biology, my advisor has developed a habit of lending my service to other labs/groups for potential collaborating opportunities. In addition to helping fellow ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Rules for notifying co-authors about re-presenting a project at a conference

I am a PhD student in molecular biology & bioinformatics in Australia. I have previously presented one of my projects as a poster at a conference. This was sent for review to all co-authors, ...
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