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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Austria, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Can you use the Italian "Dr" title in Austria even though it does not refer to the same academic level in both countries?

This was originally posted in a German-language site, but it was recommended to me to post it here as it might be more of a legal question than a language-related one, and similar questions were asked ...
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What is the difference between a magister and a master title in Austria?

After reading this question focusing on Austrian titles themselves, I still have a couple of open points that I would like to understand, especially around the relationship between Austrian titles and ...
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PhD in Germany after Dipl.-Ing. in Austria

I did my Bachelor's (STEM) at a German university and I'm considering doing my Master's in Austria. For now, I also want to do a Ph.D. in Germany later. How are degrees from Austria viewed in Germany -...
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Are part-time postdocs in Austria expected to work full time?

I am considering applying for a post-doc in the humanities at an Austrian university. The position is advertised as a "Postdoc University Assistant position (50%, 20 hrs., "...
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Permanent positions in academia: Switzerland and Austria vs Germany

I just finished my PhD in physics in Germany. I've seen that there it is difficult to find a fixed position. These are mostly only professorships which are obtained normally at the age of 40-50. That ...
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What is the difference between a "Professor" and an "FH-Professor" (German-speaking countries)

In German-speaking countries, what is the difference between a Professor and an FH-Professor? I have come across both terms and FH-Professors seem to work at universities of applied sciences (FH=UAS; ...
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Is it appropriate to change author order before submitting grant proposal?

In 2020, I started to work on a grant proposal for the Austrian Academy Science Fund to fund a two-year postdoc. After two months, I was told by my prospective supervisor that the proposal was so good,...
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Transfer from a Hungarian to an Austrian University for non European student

Can a non EU student transfer from a Hungarian university, for example Eötvös Loránd University, to an Austrian university, and if yes do you have to go through the same procedure that you would in ...
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Is it common for a lab to pay for international moving expenses? [closed]

I am a senior postdoc. My lab is moving from UK to Austria, the IST specifically. We have been told reimbursement for moving is not possible. There are tax benefits that we need to apply for, which ...
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Is it typical to work 60 hours per week as a PhD student?

I was wondering whether this was just a local phenomenon or it's the generally accepted status-quo around the globe. Preface: In my part of the world (German-speaking Europe), we have a terribly ...
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Was offered a PhD position, I accepted it but no replies afterwards from the potential supervisors

I gave an interview for a Phd position and I was offered the position within a day of the interview. I accepted the offer withing two days (before the deadline) and sent an email stating my acceptance ...
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What to expect from a Skype PhD interview in physics?

I have a Skype interview for a physics PhD in Austria, and was wondering what level the questions are likely pitched at. While I have a Master's degree, it is from the UK and I am aware that students ...
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Second PhD in Austria?

When one already has a PhD from a university outside of Europe, could he apply for a second PhD in Austria? I know that second PhD is not possible for example in UK. Is it the same for Austria? Is ...
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Is the abreviation 'Doz' equivalent/interchangeable to 'Prof'?

I'm doing a PhD in Austria and I noticed that people are a bit weird around titles so I'm adapting to it. I also saw that some use the abbreviation Doz (Dozent) and others Prof (Professor). Are these ...
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Austrian PhD without undergraduate degree?

The Austrian school system used to not have undergraduates. So when graduated from a high school, you just got in a Master's program for about 2 years and then PhD program for about 4 years. However, ...
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Before interviewing at a grad school, how much background research should I do into its research groups? [closed]

I was recently invited for on-campus Interviews at Austria‘s top graduate school. I picked 5 Group Leaders, of which 3 will eventually conduct the interview. Naturally, I’ll be prepared for any and ...
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Is "Assistant Professor Position (Tenure Track) for a female Researcher" illegal in Austria?

Not so long ago an Austrian institution posted a job ad titled "Assistant Professor Position (Tenure Track) for a female Researcher". The description says further As part of a special ...
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How likely is it for an international student to be supported financially during their internship in Austria? [closed]

I am a Master's student from Iran. I sent an email to a professor in Austria and asked for a PhD position. He said that he did not have any open position, but if I like, I can go there for an ...
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Pros and cons of having your doctoral degree on our ID

In Germany and Austria¹, it is possible to have your doctoral degree noted on your passport, official ID (Personalausweis) and similar documents of identification. Whether allowing this is a good ...
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Funded PhD position chances for international students in Austria

In the midst of my quest for potential countries to find a funded Ph.D position in computer science, I came across Austria. However, my initial impression was there is no big chances for international ...
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What is the PhD application process for Germany and Switzerland?

Currently I am in the last semester of my Master studies in computer science in Germany. I am further contemplating about the possibility of applying for PhD position somewhere in Germany, Switzerland,...
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