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Questions tagged [announcements]

Queries related to announcements on upcoming conferences, journals, etc.

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What are "scholarship" and "engagement"?

Let's consider an excerpt from a particular job announcement for a department head: [...] The applicant must be committed to promoting the career development of others and to promoting a cohesive ...
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How should I announce that I'm leaving?

I've been offered a 3-year Lecturer III appointment at a top 10 university in my field. It's an opportunity that fell in my lap, not something I sought, but it's obviously not something I can just ...
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Maintaining a conference advertisement list

For managing submissions and reviewing for scientific conferences, EasyChair is a great solution, free and well-tuned for the needs of volunteer organizers. Is there any similar sort of site that ...
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Why is the phrase "including but not limited to" used in conference announcements?

There are so many conference announcements that use the phrase the topics of interests include but are not limited to I honestly cannot understand why such phrase is used. The announcment already ...
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PhD defence announcement

What information should contain a (A4-sized, landscape-oriented) poster announcing a PhD defence? What idioms, jargon or style is usually used? Could you provide some models or examples?
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Is there any website for announcements of journal's special issues? [duplicate]

I was wondering if there is a site or something where I can find announcements for all (most of) the special issues of journals (upcoming and past) . For example of Springer, IEEE, Elsevier, ... If ...
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Find information about research grant calls from around the world

I am based at a southern European university where little local research funding is available. Other than Horizon 2020, how can I find out about programs designed to sponsor research in any country?
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How should one respond to 'Call for Paper' e-mails?

Of late I have been receiving a number of e-mails with subject 'Call for Paper' and invitations to contribute to new and/or open-access publications. While most of them immediately qualify for the ...
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Are pay announcements worth their price to hire people?

Recently in my university research group (scientific fields: computer science and bioinformatics) we had some open positions for PhD students and PostDoc. For the hiring phase, we decided to insert ...'s user avatar