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Questions tagged [alumni]

Questions about the alumni of the academic and research institutes.

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How to deal with alma mater pushing crack science?

I am aware that in US there is controversial support of facilitated communication and every public is dealing with a different kind of process. The European university and faculty where I finished my ...
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What are some important questions to ask former alumni of a PhD program we will enrol in?

After a long and nerve-racking application season, I have finally managed to get into one of my top-choice PhD programs. As luck would have it, one of the recent alumnae of the same PhD program ...
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Is there a term for completing graduation and post-graduation degree from the same college?

I have done my graduation from a college in India and I am pursuing my M. Tech from the same college. When I get my degree will I be a "double alumnus" of the institution? Or is the term something ...
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Alma mater and alumnus status when dropping out

Do dropouts have an alma mater and are alumni of the institution where they dropped out in the respective phase of their studies (undergraduate, master or doctorate)? Or are these terms only meant for ...
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What Affiliation to put for Amateur scientist who is an alumni out of school for 15 years?

I am an amateur scientist who wants to submit a paper to a peer reviewed journal. While I have an under grad degree... it was in business and I have been out of school for 15 years. Do I put my ...
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Do any academic institutions publish objective surveys of alumni satisfaction?

Having seen some questions asking about the costs/risks/benefits of doing a PhD I wonder if any academic teaching organisations actually contact their students after graduation and seek structured ...
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How much more does a recommendation letter from alumni help in PhD admissions?

Imagine a case where I wish to apply for MIT. I happened to work with a young assistant professor who finished her PhD in MIT. How much will her good words weigh in recommending me to MIT PhD program? ...
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What benefits are there to university alumni mentoring undergraduate students?

My faculty is starting a mentorship initiative where they match undergrad students with alumni from the same program. I was contacted by one of my old professors, and asked whether or not I could be a ...
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What affiliation to put on an academic paper for alumni authors?

I finished my B.Sc in CS about 6 month ago and now I am writing a paper for a conference. before when I was a student I put my university and department name below my name as an author. but now I am ...
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Giving back to alma mater

What is the usual expectation of a student by an alma mater? Usually students quit after becoming a part of the alumni association. The contacts are by and large severed a few months after leaving a ...
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Software for managing departmental alumni relations [closed]

My department is looking for a CRM tool to manage its relationship with graduated students (either on BSc, MSc or PhD level). What we want to achieve: Show our candidates that you can get a well ...
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