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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in African countries, which differ in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Academic racism [closed]

There's this question that really bothers me. Why do Western academics especially with European roots always think Africans, young or senior researchers are never good enough?. I mean, in any lab or ...
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What is the role of an examiner in an undergraduate defence in Tunisia?

What is the role of an examiner in a undergraduate defence (license) knowing that the jury is made up of a rapporteur who is both president, examiner and both academic and professional supervisors? ...
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Doing a STEM Masters after a non-recognized Masters/PhD

I am from a third-world African country. I have a STEM Masters degree from a non-recognized university (ranked 3000 or more worldwide). I am doing a PhD at the same university where I will be ...
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What is the difference between the two Doctoral Degrees in South Africa: PhD and Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (D.Lit et. Phil)?

What is the difference between the two Doctoral Degrees in South Africa: PhD and Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (D.Lit et. Phil)? Where these degrees equal? What is the history behind this ...
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Uninvited involvement in postgraduate supervision

What is your opinion about another member of staff, uninvited, requiring postgraduate students to discuss their research with him, not even informing the actual supervisor and even requiring / ...
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Which authority regulates the conferring of degrees in South Africa?

In South Africa, is there a body that regulates the institutions that are permitted to confer degrees? If so, what is this entity? Does it regulate: The ability to confer academic degrees? Which ...
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Travel grants to lecture in a poor country: where to apply? [closed]

I have always wanted to lecture at a university in a poor country, something like volunteering. I am currently in Australia and I have been in touch with a colleague in Sierra Leone (West Africa) who ...
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What are some career options for Math PhDs who want to work in non-Western countries (e.g. Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa)?

I am about to enter a PhD program, and I am very interested in learning about opportunities that allow me to go abroad after I finish. During my undergraduate career, I studied in China for a year, ...
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How can someone from a developing country study pure mathematics/theoretical physics at a university abroad?

The quality of university level education in developing countries (North Africa in my case) is mediocre at best, especially in the sciences (my interests lie primarily in mathematics). I've found that ...
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What is the status/reputation of the University of South Africa (UNISA)? [closed]

I would like to follow PhD studies in my field of Computer Science. The problem is that I have to work in my native country. I have read that this university, UNISA, is known because of their online ...
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