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The one who helps students to select courses or an academic major, engages in short-term and long-term educational planning, assists in preparing the thesis necessary to obtain the degree; or a person who advises internship students on training in industry.

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Advisor getting involved in semi-pseudoscience

I am a final year PhD student and recently my advisor started collaborating with some people engaged in what I would call semi-pseudoscience. For the sake of anonymity, I won't give the details but ...
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Is my PhD application for a famous university over for a bad letter of recommendation?

This year, I decided to apply to a top program in my field in a very good university. Part of my application needed to include 3 to 4 letters of recommendation, one of them from my advisor / co-...
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How to spot abusive/incompetent supervisors in advance

I would wish to have some summary advice for the specific scenario of looking for a new postdoc position and trying to avoid ending up with a terrible supervisor. Let me narrow this question down by ...
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Asking Advisor to Augment Stipend to a Livable Wage

The company I work for is funding a project led by a professor at an engineering department in a US university. I was recently accepted by the university and they offered me a departmental fellowship ...
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How should I talk to my advisor about changing the research topic after already choosing one?

I started an engineering PhD program this year with an excellent advisor that I get along well with. I just finished my first semester where students are mostly required to focus on coursework with ...
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Is it plagiarism if my PhD Supervisor uses my graphs and animations (without asking me) in funding proposals and presentations to companies?

I keep seeing my graphs all over presentations and proposals that is presented to companies for funding. There is no part that cites my name, and it looks like it is my professor who is doing this ...
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Should I do an exam-focused study or a complete learning based? [closed]

I've completed a Bachelor's degree in engineering and I plan to go for a master's next. To get admission to one of the top universities in my country, I need to take a standard exam, which is highly ...
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Jealousy with my Labmate

I am a second-year PhD student in an American university. I am having an issue with relationships in my lab. Right now I am very jealous of another student in my lab, and I start to hold grudges ...
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Advised to decline co-authorship on prior work

I am a first-year PhD student in computer science and caught in a political dilemma. My master thesis project was supervised by a researcher at my university, let us call him Dr. Anderson. There is ...
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Is it better for a PhD student not to publish than to publish in non-Q1 journals (as I've been advised)?

I've completed 2 years of my PhD and now have a few ideas which I would really like to work on and publish, but though they are novel, their scope is quite limited (i.e. they aren't ground-breaking). ...
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How does working with other people in math actually look like?

I'm about to finish an undergraduate degree in mathematics, and I want to do research in mathematics, so naturally I'm looking into postgraduate study options. I'm quite stressed about this, and I was ...
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How would you handle a colleague offering your PhD student a postdoc position?

How would you handle a colleague offering your PhD student a postdoc position? I had applied and received fund for him to continue with me as a postdoc immediately he graduates. We had this discussion ...
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What was wrong in my reply that my research guide changed his mind?

During my masters I spoke with my research guide and he seemed to be interested in taking me as a PhD student afterwards. I joined a job and want to start my PhD after a year. My research guide mailed ...
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My wife got some serious issues with her PhD advisor: how should I get involved in the situation?

I am an assistant professor in an engineering field, and my wife is a PhD student in a physics-related field. We live in an eastern European country and work in different institutes. I am quite happy ...
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Would it offend my advisor if I wanted to work outside her lab, with a co-PI for a brief time?

I'm a Ph. D student. I have been fortunate to have an extremely supportive advisor against whom I have only positives and literally no complaints so far. She offers me sound technical guidance, almost ...
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Can I include a solution my advisor came up with in my PhD thesis or be a co-author for a paper?

I'm a PhD student in math and currently I'm stuck at a problem. But my advisor has some idea and it seems to me that he might even solve it soon. Earlier I had an idea which seemed to be working, but ...
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Is it bad etiquette to knock on a potential supervisor's door if he hasn't responded to my email?

I'm a Master's student at Cambridge, and I emailed a potential supervisor for PhD a while ago. He replied that he was interested to proceed further and asked about my funding details. I informed him ...
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What should I do when my PhD adviser sends me a paper to read?

I'm currently in a PhD program in Electrical Engineering. Sometimes, my adviser will send me papers with a small note such as "I thought this may be relevant to your work. Please have a look and ...
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Adding advisor's name as a coparticipant without their permission

Thank you in advance. I had some issues with my advisor and want to get some advice. I got a Ph.D. degree from a foreign country and started my new postdoctoral position here in the US this year. ...
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Can my advisor change the ordering of authors in a paper already under review?

When I was a student, I wrote a paper and submitted it to a journal. Having graduated, I am working for a company and am very busy. Recently, we got a revision for the paper and my prof asked me to do ...
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Is it impolite to send holiday wishes to one's advisor?

I am an international student in the US. Whenever I wish my PhD advisor on holidays (over email), like on Christmas or on Thanksgiving, he never responds. Is it impolite to wish your advisor on such ...
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What to do if my PhD advisor starts ignoring me after I passed the candidacy exam?

I am a third-year Ph.D. candidate. Recently, my Ph.D. advisor suddenly started ignoring me. He only talks to me whenever he needs my help in our lab's work. Except that he neither reply my email nor ...
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My professor says I would not graduate my PhD, although I fulfilled all the requirements

I am a Ph.D. student at a university in Germany. After about four years of research, my supervisor told me to write my thesis. After I sent him my thesis, he told me that he now thinks my work did not ...
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Having kids in the US with both parents doing a PhD

My wife and I are international students planning on applying for PhD programs in the US (at nearby universities, post-bachelor's, stat/AI/ML area). We would like to know how manageable it would be to ...
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What are my responsibilities as a PhD student (among other questions on the "big picture")?

Background: I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at a Canadian university that ranked 100 ish in the world (so that hopefully means we do a decent amount of research not just teaching). I'm fully funded (...
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When should a PhD student be removed as first author?

As an advisor, at what point do you decide that a PhD student no longer deserves authorship on a paper? I am an associate professor who is very active in engineering research at a low-ranked R2 ...
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What to do if my undergraduate thesis advisor is not an expert in the area?

Recently, I decided to do an undergraduate thesis (in computer science). Since I just took a course related to the topic I'm interested in, I contacted the course lecturer and asked if he would advise ...
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PhD supervisor doesn't care about what I can bring from my field

I'm finishing my first year as a PhD in a STEM field (say field A), although my main field is B. I have two supervisors (say S1 and S2, both very well-known). I usually work with S2 (younger, less ...
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Too much Non-PhD-related work at research institute, unclear if contract requires it

I am currently pursuing a PhD while being employed at a research institute as a doctoral candidate in Germany. I have a supervisor at the institution and a professor at university who I have meetings ...
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Is it ethical to invite your supervisors for dinner before graduation?

I plan to finish my PhD thesis this year, but I will likely not be able to defend it this year, because my supervisors obviously need time to review it. However, I will leave the country by the end of ...
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Should I tell my advisor my fiance left me?

The question: is it appropriate or helpful to bring up life-impacting personal problems with your academic advisor? I know that details are typically required here, but for obvious reasons I'm being ...
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Should I Serve as an Undergraduate Thesis Advisor?

I was asked by a former student if I would supervise their honors thesis. The research paper that they want to develop pertains to a paper they submitted for a class last year on a topic I specialize ...
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How to find a balance if I find my supervisor insufficient?

I'm currently working on my thesis. I don't know how it goes in other countries but we don't have much freedom to choose our supervisors. However, I pushed the limits and made a free decision. I made ...
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Circulating manuscript without explicit consent

I am a mathematics PhD student in the Western world. I have a (single author) preprint in mathematics that I think will help my postdoc applications a lot. I wrote up the preprint about a month back, ...
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Advisor in second university in joint PhD not responding to emails

I have a joint PhD between my university and an overseas university, so in total I have around 4 PI's. I usually communicate and give regular updates to the one who is in my institute but to the rest ...
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What to do when distantly related project is draining research time

I'm a PhD student in mechanical engineering, although my research is more interdisciplinary. My supervisor's background is in electrical/mechatronics engineering. There is a mechanical design project ...
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Proofreading Struggles and Research Proposal Feedback

First off: I really like my supervisor. I’ve worked well with her, I’m on her research team for her own research and I really appreciate her and look up to her. Long story short. Continuous feedback ...
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Is it reasonable for my master's supervisor to forbid me from having private communications with my co-supervisor?

I am an electrical engineering master's student in the USA. My research is in a slightly different area than my supervisor's background, and so I suggested adding a co-supervisor at a different ...
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What is your advice on reaching out to an external mentor to judge a research idea I am working on?

I am working on a research idea and my advisor is not helping much, he is leaving me on my own. I thought a conversation with someone knowledgeable in the field would be good or even a collaboration. ...
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How to submit paper if the student has graduated (and does not return emails)

I was working with a student of mine on a paper, and we completed about %90+ of the work - implementation, experiments and paper writing. He had to graduate before his student visa was up, so after he ...
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Dealing with a passive-aggressive and seemingly biased advisor

I am an EE Ph.D. student at an R1 university in the US. Over the last six months or so, I have been seeing some passive-aggressive behavior directed toward me. I am usually very patient, and I have ...
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Sending your potential advisors your preprint that you have not posted on arXiv

I have written up a preprint that I have not posted on arXiv yet, as I keep modifying it. It is advisable to send that preprint to my potential postdoctoral advisors before I have posted it on arXiv, ...
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Is there an independent and fair organisation for investigating and documenting discrimination and power abuse in academia?

Instances of discrimination and/or bullying are common in academia. Here are some examples from BzH, Elephant in the, Science, Nature, Guardian, and Guardian again. Is there any place where ...
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Finding a thesis advisor for master's degree in physics of complex system [closed]

I'm currently in my last year of my master's degree program "Physics of Complex System". I would like to write my master thesis about stochastic processes, but I'm having trouble in finding ...
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What can I do when my supervisor holds me back from publishing my master's thesis?

I just finished my master's thesis in spring and wanted to apply for an award for this master's thesis by the end of this month. However, my supervisor and professor held me back from doing so because ...
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PhD without any help from advisor [closed]

I have problems with my PhD advisor. I do not want to talk about these problems, it will not be of any use anyway. We had mediation meeting between us. In short, my advisor did not help me, support me ...
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How to contact a potential graduate supervisor who is on sabbatical?

I am trying to manage graduate advisor before I can start my grad school application. There is this particular professor from this university whose research interest aligns with mine. However, this ...
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Part time research assistant - post bacc?

I would like to know if I can be a research assistant, part time, after college. I'm thinking about getting into academia, but I want to work first and make some money. I'm in STEM, but want some ...
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I got a paid PhD Position on a project, but Ido not have any responsibilities or tasks, besides working on my thesis. Am I doing something wrong?

I have been employed on a project at a German University for over a year and a half and got a half-time working contract. Even though I am getting paid, I have not been required from my supervisor to ...
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I've graduated, my graduate advisor wants to publish a paper with me. How do I tell my advisor I don't want to do free labor?

So I've recently graduated with a STEM degree, but my advisor still wants us to make a submission to a conference. Right now I am unemployed and I have no source of income. What is the best way going ...
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