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On the administration or running of an academic department or organization, or the people associated with this role. [administration] is mainly concerned with overseeing regular operations, while [governance] involves strategic tasks of setting goals and direction.

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Have US universities seen a significant increase in administrative workforces relative to academic activity?

I was recently made aware of a study (caveat: from 2014) indicating that, supposedly, US academic institutions have taken on non-academic staff at a much higher overall rate than the increase in the ...
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Advising a student with academically self-destructive behavior

I work for a small community college which is a subsidiary of a larger institution where I do primarily teaching and admin support but also do some academic mentoring. I have one student who has for ...
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When do registrar's offices usually request course schedules?

At approximately what time in the fall semester, do most universities (in the US, say) request that departments submit their spring schedules? At my university, the date keeps moving earlier and ...
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How to ensure the research continuity when dealing with uncooperative administration?

Let us assume you have secured a hefty funding to do some exciting research. The problem is, the funding is about to end, you have done that hard part already and are interested in a follow-up, but it ...
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How can a department head recruit international students?

I had a brief skype job interview for the position of department head at a mid-size/rank university in England. One of the key questions was about my plans for the international student recruitment. ...
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An organizational chart to ensure central management of laboratories in a college

I was asked the other day to suggest how different labs in our college should be centrally managed, or what organizational chart would be suitable, to make all these labs abide by input from the ...
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How to negotiate on heavy social tasks and administratives that weren't advertised when you signed a lecturer contract?

I signed a deal as an undergraduate specialized lecturer with job description that prioritized research (followed by teaching). The (Human Capital) HC outlined these job descriptions when she offered ...
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Distribution of in-class and online activities during hybrid teaching after COVID-19

Here in Brazil we are slowly returning to face-to-face activities, and this includes university classes. Most proposal suggest that we do this gradually, by first implementing a hybrid teaching system ...
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Institutional repository (DSpace)

I currently work for the small institutions that doesn't have a digital repository, so we begun the process of digitilising current research data: sensitive data (raw data in a form of pdf surveys, ...
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“Ability to solve problems through the standard application of theoretical principles” in a position description?

I am trying to apply for a job in a university research office, administering honour’s, master’s and PhD thesis submissions. The selection criteria are: Demonstrated ability to apply theoretical ...
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Is it safe to address university administrators as "professors"?

Last time I had an appointment with one of the university advisors, she kept mentioning that she is going to "teach" later after the meeting. Long after the appointment I realized that I should have ...
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Previous University Refusing to Supply Basic Details Required for VISA Application for Another Job

I am a recent PhD graduate from a (large) university in the UK. I have a job offer that I have already accepted that is based in another country. I require basic information from my university for a ...
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What are the backgrounds of founders of universities?

Universities have histories behind them. Some are public, others are private. Some are founded by the state, some by political figures in their capacity as public officials or private capacity (for ...
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