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On the administration or running of an academic department or organization, or the people associated with this role. [administration] is mainly concerned with overseeing regular operations, while [governance] involves strategic tasks of setting goals and direction.

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Why do research faculty pursue administrative positions, such as dean, provost, president, etc. ? Do such positions spell the end of one's research?

At a recent seminar talk, I was amazed to note that one of the two coauthors (not the presenter) was the president of a large and well-known university, since I had always assumed that taking on such ...
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How should an educational institute woo good faculty?

What steps must an educational institution wanting to recruit good faculty take? There is a cycle in the academia: Good doctorates from top universities invariably join other top universities as ...
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Teaching a class likely meant to inflate the GPA of student athletes

Premise My department recently finalized the faculty teaching assignments for the Fall 2019 semester (starts at the end of August 2019). As these assignments were being discussed a few weeks ago, my ...
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What is the point of being the head of the department?

What is the point of being the head of the department ? I'm an undergraduate Physics & Mathematics student and I want to stay in academia, do research and also teach. I'm assuming professors also ...
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Can a student seek redress for the administration neglecting their paperwork?

(Breakdown of a larger issue - full story here) Following the (delayed) approval of my thesis paperwork by my professor, the review staff of my small (~20 grad students?) department took weeks to ...
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Going to a different University for part of my PhD

SHORT: Is it normal -or perhaps "is there likely to be any kind of existing framework"- for me to go and do part of my PhD at another institution? For, say, a summer - although I might prefer ...
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53 votes
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I left college in the last semester (did not finish), but the college "transferred military experience to credits" and gave me a diploma. Normal?

When I was in community college (2016), I wasn't on good terms with the school. I was harassed occasionally and complained about it very forcefully to representatives of the administration. I passed ...
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46 votes
9 answers

How to move forward following an unpleasant situation with colleagues?

I'm a recently hired assistant professor at a small teaching university. The department head has been successful in dramatically increasing student enrollment, such that our department is viewed ...
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40 votes
3 answers

What leverage do universities have over sexual violence in fraternities?

IMPORTANT: The allegation of gang-rape in the Rolling Stone article that formed the basis for this question has been retracted; later evidence on the matter shows that the allegation that gang-rape ...
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39 votes
10 answers

What are the benefits of becoming an academic administrator?

Why do some professors choose to go into academic administration (e.g., become associate deans, etc.)? I've always assumed the main attraction is that they get paid more. But I've also thought that ...
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Do course buyouts happen in pure mathematics?

I am a pure mathematician teaching a 2-2 load at a state research university in the United States. I know that many of my colleagues in applied math, engineering, and the laboratory sciences are able ...
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5 answers

How to deal with administrative duties killing the research spirit?

Some months ago I was promoted with a managing position inside the university (in my case, associated chair of my school, being for instance the head of admission committee and the director of ...
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14 votes
3 answers

What is a "graduate school"?

Specifically, why do some universities have a defined "graduate school" and associated "graduate faculty," with separate appointment process, and some do not, even when they offer many graduate ...
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12 votes
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How can I go back to a PhD program I left for another?

TL;DR: First, all of this is happening in the US. I was a PhD student in X, in good standing, but had a shift of interest towards field Y, so I switched programs and universities to study Y. A year is ...
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What is the typical Legal Structure of a modern College?

I'm very perplexed as to how the terms College and University are archaically used to denote associations of people, but are in modern times being used to denote buildings or realty. What are ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can the graduate school administration change graduation dates?

(Breakdown of a larger issue - full story here) Following the deliberate delay my thesis paperwork by my professor, and after my department ignored my thesis revision requests for over 6 months, I ...
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What is an FTE and what are its variations?

What is an FTE, how is it used, and what are the varieties of FTE calculation that you might see in academia?
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Late withdrawal from all the courses after the census date as I had an accident and will be undergoing surgery [closed]

I will be undergoing surgery due to an accident that happened to me 2 months before the start of the term and I have been. The term has nearly ended and I wont be able to sit for final exams as I will ...
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When should private tutors communicate with course professors?

Students often seek help from a variety of sources, including private tutors, who can be found either locally or remotely on websites such as Wyzant, Chegg,, Varsity Tutors, etc. As a ...
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What is a Pro-Chancellor?

I was looking at a document describing setting arrangements for a ceremony and ran into the phrase: The president of the Student Guild shall sit in the front row, with the Vice-chancellor, the ...
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DAAD funding for stay abroad for PhD students and postdocs: is it added to the regular TV-L salary?

There are several funding options from the German DAAD for PhD students and Postdoc working in German universities to visit other countries: Research grants for doctoral candidates Research grants ...
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Student comments from meetings frequently overreacted to by senior 'management' [closed]

I've worked at several UK institutions over the past 10 years and one aspect that consistently raises my eyebrows is the reaction to student-staff liaison meetings* from senior members of the team. ...
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