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Questions about ceremonial academic dress, such as the "cap and gown" worn in many traditions at graduation and similar ceremonies. Use [outward-appearance] for questions about non-ceremonial clothing in academia.

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What type of doctoral robe does law professor get? [closed]

Most law professors have a JD. Often, the JD robe for a school is different. One easy example: Harvard JDs wear a black robe at graduation instead of the crimson robe. At Yale, the JD robe is black ...
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What should I wear to academic ceremonies in UK? I have a PhD from Austria

What should I personally wear to academic ceremonies in UK? I have a PhD from VetMedUni, Vienna (Austria) and they do not have academic regalia. But in the UK we are expected to wear our academic ...
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Wearing a PhD gown with a stole bestowed earlier from my Masters

I am an academic staff member with a PhD degree. I am curious whether I can put on my valedictorian stole bestowed upon me from my masters degree (from another university) with my PhD gown, i.e. I ...
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When did lecturers and teachers stop wearing academic gowns regularly?

In the English-speaking world, around when did academic gowns fall out of favour as everyday wear for lecturers and teachers?
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What gown do I wear to student graduation when I have two doctoral degrees?

I am a Professor at a college in the US where we wear regalia to the student graduations. I have a PhD, but am about to complete another doctoral degree from a different university, neither of which ...
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Correct regalia when collecting a masters degree but you already hold a doctorate [duplicate]

What is the correct regalia to wear in the United States when you receive a Masters degree but you have previously earned a doctorate. (And you own your doctoral regalia ) I.e. you’re a physician and ...
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Academic Gowns and Hood Colours for Overseas Students Where the University Does Not Have One

My university has asked me (actually, a friend) to process in a graduation ceremony, and expects me to wear full academic dress. However, my home country and home university does not have an academic ...
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What is a typical dress code for campus interviews on west coast state schools? [duplicate]

The question says it all. I am shortlisted for a campus interview at a state school in California. I was wondering about the dress code? Should I wear a suit or would it be too much? EDIT: It's for ...
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Which university uses or used this academic regalia?

Given information about academic regalia such as colour and style of graduation robes, how can I determine the university that used that regalia? I have the photo below, and would like to find out ...
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Is it appropriate to wear an honor stole/cord to my doctoral hooding and convocation?

I didn't have the chance to wear my academic stole or honor cord during my undergraduate graduation. Question: Would it be appropriate to wear the academic stole and honor cord to my doctoral ...
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What graduation gown should a PhD-holder wear when later receiving a Master's in another field?

I already have a PhD, but now I'm graduating with a Master's in another field from another university. Question: What academic robes do I wear? I know it is normal to wear the regalia from the ...
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Graduation Robes - What accolades does this guy have?

I am currently at my brother's graduation ceremony at Adelaide University, and in the Professor's/Post-grad seating area, sits a man fully in green. What does this special gown mean? (Apologies for ...
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Do I have to wear academic regalia to a student's graduation?

I have been a postdoc and including occasional lecturer for the last several years. A former student just invited me to his graduation. Would someone at my career stage at an American research ...
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Etiquette of wearing the wrong academic robes at graduation as a lecturer in the UK

I have graduated three times from UK universities. First was a bachelors' degree, then a Masters' degree, then a PhD. The graduation robes associated with my PhD graduation are absolutely horrible. I ...
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If transitioning into academic position, should I buy my PhD graduation cap and gown?

My graduation ceremony is coming up in a few months, and I have the option of buying or renting a graduation cap and gown. I will be starting an assistant professor job this year, so I suspect (but ...
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Academic tassel at convocation: left or right for dual undergraduate/post graduate students?

Apologies if the question I ask is not suited for this SE. At convocation, it is usually the culture for undergrads to wear the tassel on right and switch to left after being given the degree. For ...
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Is it necessary to wear a white shirt inside the graduation gown for Masters degree graduation ceremony?

I have my graduation ceremony coming soon. The graduation dress usually consists of the gown, the hood and the mortar board. however the hand sleeves of the gown are a bit short and hence a full shirt ...
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