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Questions about Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, a non-governmental accreditation organization.

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Fundementals of Engineering exam with Math degree (not ABET-engineering?)

Is it possible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering to become a licensed engineer with only a math degree? I don't think a math degree is an ABET accredited "engineering program".
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Why are computer science related degrees at some good European universities not ABET accredited?

I was wondering why some good European universities in the field of Computer Science and related careers, I mean: Computer Science Information Systems Software Engineering Their faculties do not ...
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2 answers

In ABET accreditation criteria, what is the meaning of "one year of X"?

The ABET accreditation criteria document for Computer Science lists some course requirements as One year of Science and Mathematics At least one half year of Mathematics One and one-third years of ...
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Is ABET accreditation important for a bachelors degree in software engineering?

Would getting a non ABET accredited degree in Software Engineering put a person at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to employment, or applying for graduate school? I ask because I was ...
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