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I submitted a paper about 20-25 days ago in this conference knowing about IEEE involvement here. Today I have got an acceptance email for my paper, The astonishing thing to me is, ...
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I am a researcher on physics and I was invited to a conference as a speaker at the 1st European Conference on Engineering & Technology ECETECH 2022. The full expenses (round trip flight tickets, ...
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What are the good indicators of fake conferences? [duplicate]

Here is the story: After working on a project for a couple of months, I put the results in a scientific paper format in case I would submit it to a conference or yet this is a good practice for my ...
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When do I know if a conference is predatory? [duplicate]

I have just started my PhD in Biomedical Engineering 2.5 months ago and started doing some simulations. My hope is that I at least have some publishable preliminary results, and have at least one ...
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Are the conferences organized by WASET legit or some type of scam? [duplicate]

Searching through websites dedicated to collect upcoming scientific conferences, I have stumbled upon a lot of similar-sounding conferences around the world (e.g., see here), all organized through the ...
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Is the conference a scam? [duplicate]

I have submitted a paper for a conference organized by the IRES. (details here: they accepted my paper within one day and instructed me ...
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Are the conferences by Acavent legit or a scam? - subquestion to general question "How to detect if a conference is a scam" [duplicate]

I am thinking of registering at a conference organised at Said Business School by a company in Lithuania called Acavent. The fee is 200 pounds which is a bit on the expensive side and the scientific ...
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Is this a predatory conference? [duplicate] I was invited despite never communicating with anyone in the committee, the email was not marked as spam though.
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How can I spot fake/scam international conferences? [duplicate]

One technique my professor said is that fake/scam conferences are 1-3 days of programs, while the real ones are at least 4 days and more. Another technique is to check if they advertise accommodation ...
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ATINER - is this a legimate conference? pros and cons? [duplicate]

Background: A close acquaintance of mine is a tenured faculty member at a minor US college, having worked there for several decades. They are very well respected for their contributions to the college,...
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How to check if a conference is "indexed" or "fake"? [duplicate]

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Will publishing a first author paper in ICECE2020 conference help me when applying for a PhD admission in the USA? [duplicate]

I am in undergraduate. I wish to apply for scholarship to do PHD in the USA. Will publishing a paper in this conference ( help me get funding? It does not seem like a ...
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I want to present my paper to a conference which is related to graph and combinatorics. The problem is I don't understand the quality/reputation of the conference. The conference has a section "...
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Help Me Evaluate A Conference [duplicate]

I am now trying to get my article published before the end of the year. My advisor suggests me to submit my full paper to ICISE-IE 2022, a international conference on information technology and ...
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