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I would like to apply for following PhD studies in the Nordic countries, particularly in the field of Computer Science. The problem that I found is that it says in the admission procedure that "before ...
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What to write in first mail to a role-model researcher for PhD position? [duplicate]

I have been following a researcher since last three years and have read all most all of his research papers (whichever is freely available). At the same time, I have been continuously upgrading my ...
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DOs and DON'Ts about asking PhD info to a Professor via email? [duplicate]

I have serious doubts about how to ask PhD info to a professor, via email. Is there a possibility that a professor don't want to answer me? What I have to avoid to increase the possibility to obtain a ...
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contacting advisor before admission can be helpful? [duplicate]

I am an Mphil student from India. My field of interest is complex analysis. I plan to go abroad for my PhD. I know the process of GRE exams and all. But I want to ask, is talking to any professor, ...
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Contacting Faculty While Applying For PhD programmes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Contacting professors for PhD vacancies I will be applying for PhD programs (particularly TCS) for Fall, 2013. Should I personally try contact advisors for this purpose? At ...
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Making a joke in an email asking for a PhD vacancy?

In How to contact professors for PhD vacancies?, Suresh suggests (and I believe most of you agree with this): Think about their work. Find something intelligent to say (even a question). I have ...
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How to research about professors wisely?

The application season is coming, and I'm going to spam the mailbox of every professors. OK, just kidding, but not completely untrue. Of course I will do my homework. As Anonymous said, it is fine ...
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Number of potential PhD advisors at a school

Past advice suggests that potential PhD students should be wary of attending schools with only one professor in their subfield. If you have problems with your advisor and want to switch, having that ...
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How to search for USA PhD Studentships? is an excellent website to search for PhD studentships (PhD funding on specific projects) in the UK. Also, UK universities often advertise PhD studentship opportunities in their "job ...
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Appropriate time for contacting professors after PhD enrolment

Assume that one has begun a PhD program at a university which allows a student to choose an advisor after his/her first year in the program and the student has narrowed down to a couple of potential ...
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What is the process for PhD applications and contacting professors in France?

I would like to apply to a PhD program in France, but I am having trouble understanding the admission process. How should/could I submit my application? Is it proper to contact the Professor I would ...
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How to contact a foreign professor and ask him to cooperate in a research work?

I have completed my Msc. degree and I proposed an invention based on my thesis subject before I had defended my thesis but I have not registered it till now. My professor offered me to fabricate the ...
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How can I apply to a Canadian university when I cannot find a prospective supervisor? [closed]

After two years, six months, and 22 days, I am going to stop sending emails to Canadian professors. During these two and a half years looking for a Ph.D.studentship. The majority of my friends said ...
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Contacting potential advisers before deadlines

I am applying to PhD programs in physics in US. Majority of the deadlines are in one week from now. My question is, does that help at all at this time to contact potential advisers and let them know ...
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How does the phd admission system of a large department work?

I am applying for computer science PhD in the US. From answers of @Nathan S. in Is it unwise to contact the professor directly before getting admitted to a program in US? and @aeismail in How to ...
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