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Do universities hire graduates from lesser universities?

Recently, someone analyzed computer science professors at top universities and found that over half of the professors at the top 51 universities graduated from a top 10 university. Others have also ...
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I've been admitted to multiple PhD programs, how should I choose between them?

I've been admitted to more than one PhD program, and I'm having a very hard time making a decision. The programs I'm accepted to have advantages and disadvantages with respect to one another. How do I ...
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Why is research at highly productive research institutions better than those at not-so-highly productive research institutions?

As of time of writing, the University of Oxford is top of the Times Higher Education world university ranking list, while the University of Southampton is 118th. (Nothing special about the THE, Oxford,...
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How does the ranking of a university relate to a future career in mathematics?

Although I am an active user of SE, I have chosen to remain anonymous because of the nature of this question. I am currently a graduate student at a university that lands in the mid 70s among U.S. ...
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How does the experience of working at a "top" university differ from working at an average one?

Being a professor at the top university in your field must be a very different experience from being a professor at a top 20 university, which must be a very different experience from working at a top ...
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Advisor moving to a different school, should I move with him?

I am currently a PhD student studying robotics at university A in my third year, and I've recently finished my qualifying exams and advanced to candidacy. My professor has been in contact with another ...
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PhD - Well known professor or well known school? [closed]

What is more valuable broadly speaking (assuming all else equal): A PhD from a decent school (top ~100) with a very well respected (but not famous) professor; say for example the head of department A ...
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What's more important in choosing a PhD program, advisor or institution?

In terms of judging a doctoral program--and possibly also relevant for postdoc-ships(?)--which is the more important consideration, who your advisor is or the institution at which you study? ...
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Is it worth self-funding a PhD to attend a top 10 university?

What should I opt for? Option A) very well paid PhD, around €3000 per month at a respectable university or; Option B) a non-paid PhD, where I have to pay €2000 per year at one of the top 10 ...
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Why do universities place so much importance on citation counts and impact factors when evaluating researchers?

Impact factors and citation counts are widely used metrics to judge the reputation of researchers. However, these metrics can be misleading, and in some cases can be manipulated. Why do universities ...
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How can I improve my chance of getting a tenure-track position

My job search (for tenure-track Assistant professor in Computer Science) last year failed miserably. I submitted applications to about 10 US schools (top 30 -- top-100 quality). In the end, I got ...
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Should I work an the advisor I "click with" or an advisor at a higher-ranked institution?

I am currently deciding where to do my next Postdoc. I have had many Interviews, and have two solid offers on the table. The first offer is in a highly ranked private University (not Ivy League nor ...
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Can you still distinguish yourself at a second-tier grad school?

I have noticed while reading CVs of professors in STEM fields that universities only hire up. First-tier and second-tier universities seem to only recruit professors from first-tier PhD programs, ...
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Delaying grad school vs. going to lower-ranked school

I'm currently a senior who wants to get a PhD in physics. However, I may only have the chance to go to a school which has a strong professor in a certain area, but the school itself is not highly ...
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Big life decision: move to a different country to pursue PhD, or stay with my significant other and do my PhD at my undergrad institution? [closed]

I have been agonizing over a decision regarding where I should pursue my PhD in theoretical chemistry. My choices are as follows: university A (US) has the best department in the world for my area of ...
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