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Handicap for PostDoc and Academia Jobs from having a PhD from low ranked universities [closed]

I am located in the U.S. and the field in question is pure mathematics. I am wondering, as a doctorata degree holder at a lower tier institution (AMS Group III), how much of a disadvantage will I be ...
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Do international politics, language, and local culture affect recognition of research degrees?

Take a look at this subject-wise QS Ranking (CS/IT). We see that Shanghai Jiao Tong University is sitting on the 46th place, Lomonosov Moscow in on the 49th place when Delft University is between 51 ...
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For early researchers, how does the ranking of a university relate to future career in high ranked universities?

I am a longtime user of SE but posting as anonymous for the (not so) obvious reasons. I am an early academic researcher (though I have been working in industry for a while prior to academia), and my ...
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PhD at low rank university [closed]

Is it advisable to do a PhD at low rank university (~700 QS) if the advisor is well known in the field and is actively involved in research.
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How much does the PhD degree name matter when landing in a job?

I am considering doing a PhD in a great lab/with a great advisor (and already convinced the PI). But I got in another program rather than the supposed program with the name of my subject of study, e.g....
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Why does where you got your PhD matter so much for getting an academic job?

According to one book I read, by an academic who has served on search committees, the first thing he looks for when he looks at an application is where the applicant did their PhD. The second thing is ...
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Which PhD program should I choose, a top three program without any guarantee of funding or a top 50 with full funding? [closed]

Prospective advisor and project are allocated for each program. They are equally interesting and close to my interest. They are located in beautiful cities. I can become a tutor to cover part of my ...
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To choose which Masters program to attend, should I favor institution or specialization?

I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer and I want to pursue a masters degree. After completing the degree, I would like to work in industry with zero inclination towards a PhD. I am ...
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Is the ranking of a university/PhD program any more (less) influential for a non-traditional student aiming for Industry Research?

How does the ranking of a university relate to a future career in mathematics? University rank/stature - How much does it affect one's career post-Ph.D? Dove-tailing off of the second Academia ...
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Masters Dilemma: Does University Reputation Come First?

I'm a political science undergrad from Canada with a very good GPA (4.26/4.33), lots of experience as a research assistant and two papers submitted. I would like to pursue an academic career, so I'm ...
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C+ in a core Master's class years ago. Will postdocs and/or employers mind it at all?

I graduated with a Master's in Experimental psychology in 2020 with a C+ in research methods (core course and it actually counted even though other programs normally don't do that). Reason my grade ...
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Doing a MA / MSc in your hometown despite the fact that it's not challenging?

Couple of years ago, I have been in a situation where I almost had to make a decision whether to wait for an opportunity to come in the future, or to do a MSc in my home city which was average (if not ...
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Role of university ranking in becoming a professor in Germany [closed]

There are different universities in Germany, like Hoschule, University, and the University of Excellence. While doing a PostDoc, apart from having a good publication. What is the importance of ...
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Is there anything that resembles an algorithm for success in academia?

There are algorithms/prescriptions for treating some diseases. There are also personal trainers who can guide people to fitness goals. Is there anything like this for achieving academic goals?
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