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Do universities hire graduates from lesser universities?

Recently, someone analyzed computer science professors at top universities and found that over half of the professors at the top 51 universities graduated from a top 10 university. Others have also ...
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C+ in a core Master's class years ago. Will postdocs and/or employers mind it at all?

I graduated with a Master's in Experimental psychology in 2020 with a C+ in research methods (core course and it actually counted even though other programs normally don't do that). Reason my grade ...
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Which is more important in choosing a PhD programme: institution or advisor? [duplicate]

Short and simple question: as a prospective PhD student, should I consider applying to universities which aren't as good/prestigious (still top 500 worldwide, for instance) in my area, in order to ...
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Completed a Master's at a program with a bad reputation and no tuition waiver. Will that be judged post Ph.D? [duplicate]

I am a soon to be fourth year doctoral candidate this coming academic year. I previously completed a Master's in Experimental Psychology (now called Psychological Sciences. No Ph.D program there) that ...
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Why does where you got your PhD matter so much for getting an academic job?

According to one book I read, by an academic who has served on search committees, the first thing he looks for when he looks at an application is where the applicant did their PhD. The second thing is ...
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Can poor grades in a bachelor's affect working in academia?

I am a first year PhD student working in molecular simulation and GPU research. I have poor grades in my bachelor's (49%). Will this poor grade create a roadblock for me in the future if I want to ...
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I've been admitted to multiple PhD programs, how should I choose between them?

I've been admitted to more than one PhD program, and I'm having a very hard time making a decision. The programs I'm accepted to have advantages and disadvantages with respect to one another. How do I ...
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Role of university ranking in becoming a professor in Germany [closed]

There are different universities in Germany, like Hoschule, University, and the University of Excellence. While doing a PostDoc, apart from having a good publication. What is the importance of ...
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Is it OK to specify your school next to your "Ph.D."?

Is it OK to specify your school next to your "Ph.D.": in your email signature, in the title of your web site, etc. For example, John Smith, PhD (Harvard) Edit: added united-states, because ...
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Big life decision: move to a different country to pursue PhD, or stay with my significant other and do my PhD at my undergrad institution? [closed]

I have been agonizing over a decision regarding where I should pursue my PhD in theoretical chemistry. My choices are as follows: university A (US) has the best department in the world for my area of ...
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Is the ranking of a university/PhD program any more (less) influential for a non-traditional student aiming for Industry Research?

How does the ranking of a university relate to a future career in mathematics? University rank/stature - How much does it affect one's career post-Ph.D? Dove-tailing off of the second Academia ...
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Choosing a Grad school from the perspective of opportunities in Academic Job market [duplicate]

I have received Ph.D. offers from my 3 Top choices (with funding). I had five top choices (with no order) but I am expecting a rejection from 4th and my 5th top choice has frankly told me that he is ...
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Pros and Cons of moving away from SO/Family for PhD [closed]

I completed my undergrad and masters at UofT (Toronto) in CS (my field is CS Theory/Online learning) and I was interested in applying elsewhere for a PhD. I am in a fortunate position to have received ...
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How could I share my concern about university ranking with a potential supervisor?

I have a master's degree from a university outside of Canada. I recently decided to apply for Ph.D. in Canada and I found a potential supervisor, I like his research area, he has more industrial ...
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How important is the PhD school reputation in securing a faculty position? [duplicate]

New assistant professors and selection committee members, based on your experience how important is the reputation of the PhD school in selecting a candidate for a tenure track faculty position? Can ...

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