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How to convert GPA to German Grade? [duplicate]

My GPA of bachelor is about 3.0, and I just want to know how much it would approximately be in German Grade? Would it be lower than 2.7 in German Grade? I have read other questions on this website, ...
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Indian CGPA to US GPA system [duplicate]

I study in India and in here we have 10 pointer system. I wanted to convert my CGPA to american based GPA system of 4. I googled and got this website. So does that mean I need only >8.5 to get a 4. ...
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Convert UK Bachelor Degree Grades to German Grade Scale [duplicate]

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems (3rd Class Honors) form a UK University. My Transcript states as follows. Course Name Marks Cats BUS 40 12 ...
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How to convert Australian grade to US GPA? [duplicate]

I am wondering how to convert Australian grade(HD, D, C, ...) to US GPA (A+, A, B, C ...) I tried few websites but those showed me which I think of as "too good to be true" results. For example, ...
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What grades do I have? [duplicate]

In a two months I will have a bachelors degree from a German University with an degree average (Notendurchschnitt) of 1.8 or 1.9 . My programme uses ECTS Credit Points. I am in the process of applying ...
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How is undergraduate Indian percentage converted to US 4.0 GPA by graduate schools? [duplicate]

I am applying for Fall, 2015 in PhD programs (Computer science). The admissions page of many universities I saw, demand an undergrad GPA of at least 3.0 and graduate GPA of at least 3.5 Now, I ...
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How to calculate GPA? [duplicate]

I am applying for the Masters in the US for the Spring 2019 session. I don't understand the concept of GPA. I have done my masters in Physics. My doubts are as follows: 1. For my three-year ...
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Comparison of grading systems [duplicate]

What is a good source which compares grading systems in different countries? Which also gives the equivalent of a grade in a country X to that of a country Y?
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Understanding UK PhD requirements [duplicate]

I'm looking at a few "fully" funded PhD's in the UK. Now I understand it is a terrible timing with the whole Brexit travesty. But disregarding that, I'm failing to understand a few things and I hope ...
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Is there a normalizer for undergrad grades in institutions across the world? [duplicate]

I could swear I once saw somewhere in under a pdf that lists undergrad institutions across the world with a way to interpret their grades qualitatively. I can't find it anymore. Is there any ...
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Convert Spanish grades to English scale? [duplicate]

I'm a English citizen which has been living in Spain for the past 7 years (I'm currently 15 years old in case you're wondering) and I plan to move back to England at the end of this school year. Can ...
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How do you judge an Indian CGPA score?

Let's start with background: I'm European, don't know much about undergrad educational systems, and especially grading, outside my own area. So, I receive a CV from an Indian undergrad with the ...
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How strict are listed minimum requirements for admission to a graduate degree program?

I'm a rising senior at a Chinese university. I'm really interested in pursuing a master degree (as a stepping-stone to a PhD) in the US. I do not know what "Minimum Requirements" for admission really ...
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Converting from and to British grading scheme

I've tried googling around for this but I haven't really understood how the British grading scheme works. I am specifically interested in knowing the following things: What is a 2:1? What is a level ...
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How do US grad schools interpret international GPAs?

I am an international student looking to apply for a PhD in mathematics in mainly the USA. My current university uses a 10 point scale for GPA but most of the universities I've seen, in the US seem to ...
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