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Currently, I am applying for PhD positions at United States and Canadian Universities. I will be 35 when I start my PhD in Computer Science/Machine Learning, and probably I will finish it around the ...
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How real is it to become a "formal" researcher (that is someone holding some research position) after earning a PhD at the age of 40? Sometimes it so happens that people discover their true interest ...
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do you know anyone who is over 30 years old, but got admission from top math grad school? [duplicate]

I am going to apply math grad schools this year. But, the problem is now I'm 30 years old. Do you know anyone who is 30 or over 30, but got admission from top math grad school?
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Is age a hindrance of getting acceptance in a PhD program? For instance, what if a student applies at the age of 45 for an admission?
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At what age is it too late to pursue graduate studies? Does age matter in graduate application? How would potential supervisors think of candidates who are older than themselves?
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Possible Duplicate: Age and Graduate school Is it difficult to get a job as a professor if you don't go to a PhD program immediately after undergrad? For example, suppose you work for 5 years ...
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Non Anglo and older grad school applicant [duplicate]

I am 49 years old, Psychologist with MA in Psych, PhD in Public Health and postdoc at University of Toronto. However,all my academic background here stated is from Brazil and I have been facing some ...
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I want to do research but I'm too old for a PHD

I really love research. I started a research project in graduate school for my M.A. in English. My research topic is a very viable and interesting topic for a dissertation. I'll be 60 on my next ...
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How old is too old for a PhD?

Are there any age limits (formal, informal, or guidelines) that schools use when deciding to accept someone into a PhD program? I'm most curious about the upper age limits. For example, will most ...
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How important is age in CS PhD admissions?

I just entered a MS in Computer Science in a mid tier state school. I'm interested in taking things to the next level, but I just turned 30. By the time I do the math and everything, I'll probably ...
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Will my age affect my chances of finding a funded PhD position?

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Age vs career in natural science [duplicate]

Due to my country's education (we finish high school later than other countries), a year off, doing master's degree, I am finding myself in my first year of PhD in States being 26 years old, ...
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