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Should marker TA discuss marks with students? [duplicate]

As a marker, there are always some students who will email requesting to meet as they disagree with the marking. According to the professor, the marker should solve students' marking issues but I am ...
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What should I do when a student complains about the marking in this situation? [duplicate]

When I was a marker, a student came to meet me to complain that I did wrong in the assignment marking but he didn't bring his assignment. I assumed that what he claimed was true and apologized. Then ...
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How to handle students who try to negotiate away penalties for late submission of coursework?

I'm teaching a course where coursework is submitted online. Recently, an important group project assignment was due. The students are required to submit a project report, which contains a link to a ...
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Professor gave me a higher grade than I deserved. What should I do?

During one of my undergraduate semesters I was pretty depressed (for various personal reasons) and was struggling with completing my coursework. One class in particular didn't have a final exam, there ...
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How to handle a student who will not accept that he is wrong?

I am a university marker TA, and after midterm exam I met with a student who would not accept that he was wrong. He thought his answers were correct but didn't explain to me why his answers were ...
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How to deal with a student who insists on getting a higher grade?

Student presentations were a part of my grading policy in one of my classes. I had a student who tried hard to get a higher grade in the class. But after his poor presentation, he persistently asked ...
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How to reply to students' emails that show anger about their mark?

I always find myself in a difficult situation on the rage of students who are upset about their marks they just received. I feel it is kind of difficult to reply to students' emails that sound very ...
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How much does a student's ranking in their cohort matter for PhD applications?

I am from one of the top UK institutions studying mathematics. I am under the impression that UK universities tend to have a larger cohort (~150 per year) than US but perhaps I am wrong. I would ...
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Is it generally worth the time and effort to challenge incorrect exam test items?

Background information: I have just finished refreshing my high school courses in order to enter into university for engineering. Because I have a strong desire to become an engineer I have not moved ...
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Asking a prof to change my grade [closed]

I got a B- in my biology course this semester and the day I received this grade I checked my requirements for a specific course I want to take next year and it said the minimum requirement was a B-. ...
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Should a marker TA handle students' marking issues by email?

I am a university marker TA. The instructor requires TAs to meet students if they have marking issues. But I found most students just come to meet me for better grades, not to ask questions, and some ...
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Who can see a student's grades? [closed]

I have a question. Can all the professors in a department see a particular student's grades? Can the chair of a department see a student's grades?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an "open gradebook" policy?

At the end of the semester, after the grades have been determined and released to the students, I will receive emails from multiple students appealing for higher grades. A few years ago, my ...
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Under what circumstances would a lecturer 'bump up' a student to pass?

When would someone marking papers (lecturer, etc.) bump a student from just below pass up to the pass line? Do teachers consider things like attendance? Regardless of the consideration (attendance, ...
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Should I talk to my professor about my grade? [closed]

I just found my grades for the fall semester, in an introduction to international relations class that I took, I got a B. I got a 93% on the midterm, which was worth 25% of the grade. I always ...
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