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Should I do peer-review for a predatory conference? [duplicate]

As a first, I recently received an invitation to peer review for a predatory (or at least shady) conference - in contrast to the tons of unsolicited invitations to publish papers with their journals ...
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Has a journal ever switched between being a predatory journal and a reputable one?

There are a lot of questions here on what predatory journals are, and how to tell if a journal is one or not. Are there known cases where a journal has "switched" camps, or where substantial evidence ...
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Are there any journals that pay reviewers?

Being a young researcher myself I received a comment from my colleague that some of the journals are paying reviewers for the reviewing process. When I gave it a thought, it started to make more ...
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How serious can this review invitation be?

I published my first article a while ago, nothing special, just rigorous formalization of some well-known facts. Now I got a mail writing We have read about your published precious paper in ...
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Is it bad to join the editorial board of a journal on Beall’s list?

These days, many scholarly journals are emerging. Since they are not famous or high impact, they look for less famous scientists to fill their editorial board. This scheme fits many mid-level ...
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Is it OK for an MSc Student to Review a Scientific Paper?

I am an MSc Student of Computer Science at a department that is considered to be in the top ten CS departments in the world (QS Rankings here). I am telling this, just to let you know, that I have ...
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Should I review for a new journal whose publisher is unjustifiably listed in Beall's list of predatory publishers?

I received a review request from an open access journal, which is brand new. It has published about 10 articles so far. The articles seem to be of mediocre quality but do not seem to plagiarize other ...
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Why do open access consortia affiliate themselves with questionable publishers

The open access publishing world has a number of predatory publishers. Many know about Beall's list which identifies publishers and journals that engage in questionable practices. The existence of ...
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Reviewing papers for MDPI: general feeling as a reviewer

So simple question for those that already reviewed for MDPI: how did you feel about the quality of the other reviewers (in general)? I have reviewed a handful of papers now as I feel it is necessary (...
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Should I review for journals where I would not publish my own papers?

Sometimes I receive review requests from journals that are not popular among my colleagues. I'm not so sure about the situation of these journals. They are typically Web of Science SCI Q2 journals (e....
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Should I referee for MDPI journal Mathematics? [duplicate]

As a general rule, when I receive a request to referee a paper from a journal, I do my best to accept it unless I have a strong reason not to. One possible reason is that the journal in question is ...
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