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Why are authors not made anonymous during the review process? [duplicate]

During the review process of an article, the reviewers are (almost always) anonymous by default for obvious reasons. Why are not authors also made anonymous? It could help remove the weight that ...
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Is it ethical to submit papers under a false identity and affiliation to avoid peer review bias?

According to Huber, J., Inoua, S., Kerschbamer, R., König-Kersting, C., Palan, S., & Smith, V. L. (2022). Nobel and novice: Author prominence affects peer review (August 16, 2022): We invite more ...
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In which cases will single anonymized review be better than double?

Many journals choose single anonymized review processing instead of double anonymized. I wonder what are the considerations behind these decisions to choose the single anonymized review?
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After revision: the paper is not anonymized - what does it mean?

I finally got the revision of my paper, but one of the reviewers complained that the paper is not anonymized. Since I'm not the native english speaker, it's quite strange to me. Does it mean that I ...
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The variance of peer-review types across research disciplines

While I clearly encounter the fact that the preferred type/types of peer-review varies/vary across research disciplines, like pointed out in this question, I wonder which disciplines prefer which type/...
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Can I recommend to a journal that an entire research group not be used as reviewers for my paper?

I have recently — and prematurely — interrupted a work relationship with a research institution, due to a series of professional/scientific disagreements. Considering that these disagreements were ...
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What is "double blind" reviewing?

I have been visiting some journal websites and I found that some of them state that they use a double blind review process. What does it mean?
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What are the arguments for "reviewers see each other's identities" conference reviews?

I have recently accepted to review for a machine learning conference. It's a conference with chairs, area chairs (AC), and then reviewers who are managed by the AC's. This conference is double-blind, ...
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Where can I find the double-blind math journals? [closed]

At the moment, I am aware the American Mathematical Monthly and Mathematics Magazine (from several years) and Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (from one year, approximately) are using ...
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Why are referees anonymous? [duplicate]

For context: I had this question when reading this question. I'm not in academics, but I wonder, why is a referee anonymous in the first place? The only reason that comes to my mind is that a referee ...
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