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I am lost with my career path. I am questioning my ability to be in research field, academia or otherwise. What to do? [duplicate]

I am 31 soon to be 32, I don't know what I am doing with my life. I have a PhD in computational chemistry from a top 50 world ranking university. But, it did not turn out well and took too long to ...
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How not to get jealous with people in academia and research which are more sucessful than me? [duplicate]

I am a 2nd year research masters student in a University in Europe. My nationality is not European or North American. I will try getting admission in PhD after completing this. In childhood and ...
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How to effectively deal with Imposter Syndrome and feelings of inadequacy: "I've somehow convinced everyone that I'm actually good at this"

Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon wherein an individual is convinced that they do not deserve the success that they have achieved despite (perhaps extensive) empirical evidence to the ...
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If you know a family member who is much more qualified and capable in mathematics than you are, should find another field of specialisation?

Imposter Syndrome and depression: I feel pretty depressed that I am not as "qualified" as a close family member. In particular, this family member has undergraduate and graduate (PhD) degrees from Ivy ...
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What makes academic failure different from failure in another career?

It is my understanding that academia as a nebulous whole has its own culture and speaks its own language that makes it a very different environment to work in compared to other so-called "industry" ...
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Where did I lose control of my studies?

I am a 5th MSc semester mathematics student at a local German university. Since fall, I have been working on my thesis, which is the only remaining task for finishing my studies. I had not had ...
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Does the International Math Olympiad help research mathematics?

I was reading a note of Hojoo Lee on inequality which is written for International Math Olympiad (IMO) participants. Although he writes that “target readers are challenging high schools students and ...
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Is it OK to have a significant drop in grades when moving from the Middle East to the EU?

I did my Bachelor's Degree in physics in the Middle East, graduating with the highest honors and an academic transcript full of A's. I was accepted to pursue my graduate studies in one of the best ...
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Feeling unprepared for PhD because of poor educational system in my home country. Should I leave PhD to retake courses somewhere else?

I will give some background. I am from a third world country, and I am doing my math PhD in Europe. During high school and university years I participated in many maths competitions, and even got to ...
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How to deal when you're an actual imposter in academia? [duplicate]

I'm a second-year PhD student at a well-ranked university, and am seriously beginning to feel that I'm an imposter in this place. My lab group is filled with people who ranked in the top 0.01 percent ...
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How to know if one is suitable for pursuing academia or Research work their entire life? [duplicate]

I am a PhD student in engineering in an university in Canada. I am close to completion of my thesis but I am not very proud of my work. I have couple of publications from my work, all in decent ...
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What are the chances of *Jim* to make it big in academia? [closed]

Jim, a fictitious character, scored a mediocre 3.48/4.00 in his undergrad (in Physics). It took him 6 years to complete the 4-year program. He is enrolled in a masters program but due to COVID, he ...
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How to do research without being a star researcher?

After my PhD and postdoc in computer science I got a permanent position in a company's research lab. This is my first time to work without a supervisor nor colleagues (other members have there own, ...
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How to have confidence in my research?

I'm a PhD student at a reputed institution and in my 4th year now. I'm researching in the domain of information security & privacy. I've got a number of good conference publications (4 ...
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How does one know that the field of research they are in is the best fit for them if they are average in it?

I love computational materials science. I was an experimentalist and involved in some Computational work during my masters degree. I did not not enjoy the experimental part. I did not enjoy the lab ...
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