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I am currently a Canadian grad student about to publish my first paper. However, I really dislike my real legal name, to the point where very few of my real-life friends know my real first and last ...
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Conference/Journal publication author's name (surname)? [duplicate]

I am just wondering if I can legally use a nickname or not to use my official name (Passport name) as the author's name of a conference or a journal publication? My official name is quite long and I ...
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Can I use my first name instead of last name? [duplicate]

I am a Korean with my first (given) name comes last and my last (family) name comes first, just like many other east asians. So, I write my name as "Aaa Bbb Ccc", where "Aaa" is my ...
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Taking a pseudonym for publication [duplicate]

I will soon get my first paper submitted. Because my name is very common I think it will be hard to look for my papers in databases in the long term. If I want to decide on a pseudonym (author name ...
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How would using pseudonym for an article impact career? How can I still gain credit? [duplicate]

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Publishing Under Pseudonym/Future Name? [duplicate]

I am currently in the process of getting my legal name changed (It's a bit of a process since I'm usually outside of my home state) and though I'm not looking to publish anytime soon, if I do publish ...
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How can I recover professionally from being a crank?

Three years ago I got kicked out of graduate school in physics. I was suffering from mental illness, which led me to believe I made a huge discovery in physics. But my advisor kept saying that what I ...
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Taking an academic pseudonym?

I am a senior undergraduate about to publish my first academic paper, and have been thinking about taking an academic pseudonym to make myself easier to identify. My full name is shared by at least ...
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How to be a co-author anonymously?

I am from country A and am studying in country B. A researcher from country C would like to collaborate with me. However, my home country (country A) has poor (hostile) relations with the researcher'...
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Is a researcher with the same name in a different field likely to cause confusion?

I would like to get some advice on what may or may not be a problem, namely the lack of unique identifiers for scientific authors. So there is a researcher with the same first and last name as myself,...
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Why don't journal publishers ask for proof of affiliation?

It seems like journal publishers do not require credentials for proof of your affiliation and identity. There are many places where such credentials are important, but even the most popular journal ...
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Is it ethical to submit papers under a false identity and affiliation to avoid peer review bias?

According to Huber, J., Inoua, S., Kerschbamer, R., König-Kersting, C., Palan, S., & Smith, V. L. (2022). Nobel and novice: Author prominence affects peer review (August 16, 2022): We invite more ...
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Can I use only one of my two last names for publishing? [duplicate]

I have 2 last names due to my hispanic background. Soon, I will have to think about my very first publication (field: Medicine/Psychology). Could I use only the first last name for my publishing or ...
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Separating academic identity from social identity

I would like to start publishing scientific papers soon. This issue pertains to the name I will use when publishing. Basically, I would like to keep my personal and academic life separate and my ...
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Keeping academic credit on work with human rights impacts but fearing repressive regime retaliations

I am from a country controlled by a repressive regime. I was able to leave the country and continue my academic activity in a top US university. Most of my work is focused on equality, human rights ...
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