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Corresponding author [duplicate]

I am an undergraduate student in the field of information technology. Recently I worked on an academic project under a supervisor. We want to publish it. My question is: Does the person who submits ...
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Does "corresponding author" carry an implied meaning?

After reading the question Mentor trying to be first author?, I got the impression that (at least in the writers' field) the "corresponding author" flag could carry an implied meaning, such as "did ...
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Mentor says I cannot be first author of my paper because I am an undergraduate

I performed some research and submitted it to a congress of biomedical sciences. Many professors told me that my research is very advanced compared to student work and that it could easily be my ...
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My professor has told me he will be the corresponding author. Will it hurt my future career?

I recently got acceptance in an SCI journal, and my professor has told me that he will be a corresponding author (CA) even though I have done almost all the work. Does not being the corresponding ...
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Shall I review a paper for my advisor?

I am a research scholar who published a paper in an Elsevier journal recently. My advisor had almost no contribution in the paper, but since it is mandatory to put the advisor’s name in the paper, I ...
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Is there any academic advantage of being the submitting author of a paper?

It is well known that in most fields the order of the authors in a paper indicates the authorship, being the first one the best. Independently of the order in a paper, does being the person that ...
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What correspondance for corresponding author?

I was wondering what kind of correspondance should one have with persons denominated as corresponding authors ? Let's assume one was reading through a paper and did not understand a specific point. ...
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Is being a 'corresponding author' helpful to get research grants and apply to positions in academia?

I am a PhD student in the USA in the field of Aerospace Engineering. My supervisor had mentioned that he will be the sole 'corresponding author' in all journal publications. Consequently, I am not the ...
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Cover letter to article submitted by someone besides the corresponding author

My supervisor has asked me to submit an article that was already worked on before I joined our university. The journal requires that a cover letter be submitted, but since I have contributed minimally ...
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How to search for journals that accept shared first authorship?

My group member and I have equally contributed on a paper that's ready to submit to a materials science and/or surface engineering journal. However, I don't know how to search for a journal that ...
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Does being a corresponding author add extra value in SOP of PhD application?

I work in a private research organization. After completing one of my projects, when I send it to my supervisor for review, he said- he doesn't want to put his name in that project and asked me to be ...
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