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How to deal with rote "publication shopping"? [duplicate]

I spend a lot of time peer-reviewing paper submissions to conferences, workshops, and journals in my field. Sometimes I end up getting assigned a paper that I had already rejected from another venue. ...
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I got the same referee report from two different journals

My coauthor and I submitted our article for publication to one of the best journals in our field. After a long time of review, we got a rejection decision by the editor based on the referee report ...
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What to do if a colleague is reviewing an unchanged paper that has been rejected before on my recommendation?

Around a year ago, I reviewed a paper for a journal. The originality of the paper was questionable, and content and presentation were severely lacking throughout. Consequently, both another reviewer ...
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Can I tell the authors I was a referee for the same paper for another journal?

I have reviewed a paper for a journal, which I rejected. I wrote a 3 page report with major and minor comments. A week later, I received an invitation to review the same paper in another journal. The ...
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How should I decline a referee request for the paper which I refereed before?

I have received a referee request for a paper that I refereed and rejected a few months ago. I would like to decline the request because although the recent journal's rank is lower than the previous ...
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Should referees assume that authors will see the full report if their paper is rejected?

I have now more than once had the following series of experiences as a referee of mathematics papers: Elite Journal A sends me a paper. I find some problems with it, some small and some large, and ...
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Is there anything that has been tried to stop publication shopping

I find it very annoying as a reviewer when I get asked to review a paper several times as it gets submitted to different journals/conferences or, worse still, I help send it to the reject pile only to ...
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Author did not make the major changes asked during the review process

I recently had my first paper to review. Since it was the first one, I took great care to be as constructive as possible and to formulate correct and accurate questions / suggestions. At that time, I ...
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Resubmitting elsewhere without any key change when a paper is rejected

While not necessarily being an expert, I have extensive experience in biomedical scholarly publishing as author (>500 scholarly papers published) and reviewer (>1000 manuscripts reviewed). Most of my ...
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Does the reviewer ever get the same manuscript twice?

Consider the scenario where an author sends his paper to Journal A. Journal A then sends the paper to reviewer X and the reviewer rejects the papers. After rejection, the author send his paper to ...
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Ignoring referee reports [duplicate]

Let's consider the following situation: Author A submits a paper to a journal. Referee B writes a critical referee report and recommends rejection. Author A then resubmits the same paper to another ...
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Can it be unfair when the same referee reviews a manuscript again at a different journal?

I know it is fairly common to review the same paper twice. However, I want to ask whether this can be unfair to the authors. I recently had a paper rejected in two very prestigious applied math ...
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If I refereed a paper at one journal (and it was rejected) should I referee it again when it's sent to another journal?

A couple months ago I refereed a paper for one journal. Due to a number of factors, I recommended that it not be published in that particular journal, and gave the author a bunch of comments on how ...
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Studies over how noisy is it to accept/reject submissions

This year, the NIPS 2014 conference did an interesting experiment: conference chairs duplicated 10% of the submissions (170 papers) and sent them to two different groups of reviewers. The result: 25.9%...
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Should I accept to review a re-submission to a different conference

(My field is Computer Science, where conference publications are the norm.) I reviewed a paper submitted to conference A six months ago. The paper was borderline, and was eventually rejected. I wrote ...
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