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Can publishing on arXiv create copyright issues? [duplicate]

As an undergraduate I'm relatively new to academia. I was wondering if publishing a paper on arXiv could potentially be an issue if I were to want to get the same paper in, say, Nature, for why would ...
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Is it really legal to submit a work to a venue although we already uploaded it as a reprint somewhere like Arxiv or researchgate? [duplicate]

I am wondering if it is legal to submit a work as fresh manuscript to a journal although we have already uploaded it somewhere else as a preprint? Most of the journals/publishers require that the ...
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If I publish a pre-print, will it make trouble to submit in a journal? [duplicate]

A certain journal says very explicitly in their submission guideline that - "This manuscript has not been published/submitted for publication elsewhere including in local languages or ...
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Can I deposit my manuscript in arXiv but I will not publish open access [duplicate]

I want to put my paper out in arXiv but due to money shortage I will not be able to publish open access, I chose subscription. Is it allowed to do this and publish preprint or not?
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Does submitting in PhilArchive affect submission in journals? [duplicate]

I wanted to submit a paper to PhilArchive (an open-access e-print archive in philosophy). If I want to submit this paper to a journal afterwards, does this prior submission to PhilArchive affect the ...
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My research work stolen and published as his own by the co-author without my consent

My research paper was stolen by the co-author and published as his own. What do I do? All the data the paper is based on is my own work. I got it accepted in another journal but now I cannot get it ...
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Made an arXiv submission too early; How to minimize the damage?

A confession first: This was our first attempt at a journal paper. The story so far: We had submitted our work for possible publication with a reputed journal in our area. Some time later, while the ...
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When can I safely use CC-BY license on arXiv?

On arXiv one can license a preprint on one of the following (see also a note on arXiv on licenses): perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute this article (Minimal rights required by ...
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What journals do not allow open access to published material?

An increasing number of funding organizations require publications on the research that they fund to be open access, i.e. available to the public without having to subscribe to a journal or pay a fee. ...
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Submitting a subset of my work to ArXiv

I've been thinking of publishing a subset of my work in fluid dynamics to arXiv. I realize the following about arXiv: ArXiv isn't a journal I would need to be endorsed to submit an article on arXiv ...
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Do publishers care if a book manuscript was freely posted online before submission to the publisher?

Do publishers care if a book manuscript was freely posted online (e.g., made open-access with a CC license) before submission to the publisher?
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Releasing one version of a Scientific Paper under an Open License

I am going to release a Technical Report that will be archived and made available online by the university's library. An abridged version of the work was accepted by a peer-reviewed conference and ...
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Publishing policies for conference papers

I got two papers accepted and I am just wondering how to know their policy towards publishing my papers also on CoRR. is it fine to publish the same paper in CoRR and in the conference?
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Undergraduate Publishing Options

I am an undergraduate student currently working in a co-op position at a company in my field. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be the lead author on a paper based on the research I ...
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