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Structuring two first authors equal contribution in computer science publication [duplicate]

Sorry if this is a naive question. We tried finding guidelines, but have failed to find concrete advice. There are N authors (where N>2) in our publication. Two authors have equal contribution. We ...
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Does "corresponding author" carry an implied meaning?

After reading the question Mentor trying to be first author?, I got the impression that (at least in the writers' field) the "corresponding author" flag could carry an implied meaning, such as "did ...
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Who should be first author? Theory person or Experiment person?

The situation: Two PhD students named 'Theory' and 'Experiment' are working on a project. Both are experimentalists by training but, from experiences working on a separate project, Theory comes up ...
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Can a first author omit the "equal contribution" for a publication on the CV?

I am the first author of a paper where the first two authors (me and Y) have contributed equally. (Yay, thanks alphabet! Hopefully I won't have to collaborate with some Dr. Aaron Aab in the future.) ...
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Not listed as author despite doing statistical work

I work in a medical field and recently contributed statistical analysis for a paper and was not listed as a co-author despite being told I would be. I spent a few weeks fielding questions about this ...
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Uncommon order of authors names?

In my field (theoretic CS) it is very common to list the authors names alphabetically on papers. I have been working on a paper for quite a long time with three other researchers, which is almost ...
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Should co-first authors be listed in alphabetical order?

The field of research is the biological sciences. Graduate student B worked on the project for 2 years: he did experiments to gather genome-wide data and analyzed part of that data. He defined the ...
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Can you switch the co-first author position after the article is published?

Can you switch the position of the first co-first author with the second co-first author of an article after it is published? Full story: During my PhD, I published two articles, both as the first ...
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Is it polite to ask to be the corresponding author in a paper that I contributed the most?

I wrote a paper and have done the majority of the work, including the idea generation, research, and the writing. I am coauthoring with my advisors and a few other researchers. In the paper the ...
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If it is stated that two authors have contributed the same on a research paper, are both authors co-first authors?

If someone gets his name second on a paper despite the two contributing the same amount of work and this fact is indicated so, are both authors co-first authors?
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