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Paper rejection [duplicate]

Recently, one of my papers was rejected from a prestigious journal published by a well known publishing house. I received two reports. Both of them made the same MISTAKE by claiming that I assumed a ...
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Journal published a paper, ignoring my objections as a referee

A few months back I received a request from a reputed journal to review an article. The article was in a fast-track mode because of its assumed importance. I did review it, and found that it makes ...
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What to do if a reviewer's question is nonsense

I have received a reviewer comment that is not understandable. Specifically, the comment asks that I show that X is true, but I never mention X in the whole paper and X is not even related to my work. ...
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What can I do if a grant proposal was rejected by a reviewer making false claims and using straw men?

Being an experienced reviewer, I know that rejection can be frustrating, but also fruitful and a good learning experience. There are many kinds of reviews (good, bad, constructive, opinionated, short, ...
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How to respond to a perplexing review?

I've received a perplexing peer-review to a submitted paper of mine. The editor asks for major revisions, and sent us two reviews. The first one is serious and raises good points: we'll work, amend ...
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What can I do if the reviewers' comments on my manuscript are not correct? [duplicate]

I sent my paper to one journal, which took about 3 months to respond to me. They decided to reject my paper, and gave me some comments and reasons why my paper was rejected. The first reviewer said ...
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Is it possible to ask editor-in-chief to change a reviewer?

I have submitted a paper to a peer-reviewed journal. On the first round of review, 3 reviewers had different comments and I tried my best to answer them. On the second round of review, two of them ...
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Should I contact an editor at the journal that rejected my paper, to ask for feedback?

Recently I got a rejection of my paper from a reputed journal. There were two reviewers who reviewed my paper.However reviewer1 accepted it while reviewer 2 rejected with some suggestions that can be ...
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Rejected Paper by the Associate Editor

I am a very objective person and I don't mind constructive criticism. I have submitted a research paper to an IEEE journal with high reputation. The co-authors of this paper have broad experience in ...
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How to proceed when reviewers reject your manuscript but you believe there is no scientific basis for their objections?

I am doing my PhD on a small field in engineering where even if the review process is double blinded you would know who is going to review your paper. This incident that I am going to mention is very ...
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Is it possible for the paper to be accepted in this case?

I am a computer professional. I submitted a paper to the top conference in our field. I just received comments from reviewers. Now is the rebuttal stage. There are six reviewers in total. 2 Accecpt, ...
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