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Any pointers for reading articles digitally (on screen)?

First of all let me apologize for the title, as it is perhaps very vague. The issue is as follows; I have stopped printing my articles and instead starting reading them on screen via my library ...
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How to work efficiently under loose supervision during graduate studies?

I work in a very cross-disciplinary field, which has caused me some headache* over the past couple of years, partly due to the fact that my supervisor isn't very knowledgeable regarding the day to day ...
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Can I successfully adapt to an advisor who will not push me to work?

I am currently a first-year graduate student, now in the process of figuring out who I'd like to have as my thesis advisor. Of course, compatibility of research interests is quite important, but ...
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When should a student attempt unsupervised research?

I just finished my masters and am currently working as a research assistant before starting a PhD in applied mathematics. I was doing some preliminary work for a possible project and derived some ...
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Practical strategies for increasing one's passion and excitement about research?

I am a second year PhD student in computer science. I see other students craving to find new problems, read papers and it's like they are enjoying it and when they find a problem, they spend endless ...
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Strategies to strengthen self-discipline as a PhD student

The main troubles in my academic experience can be summarized in two popular (if somewhat cheesy) sayings: "Careful what you wish for" and "With great power comes great responsibility" Throughout my ...
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Who should pursue a Ph.D degree?

I am asking myself the question "Should I do PhD or should I leave academia and go for an industrial career?" My life-goal is being a professor. And I love to do research. PhD is surely a bite that ...
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I am having difficult first year in my part-time PhD program; How can I figure out whether I should leave it or not? [closed]

I have a full-time job, and am a part-time PhD student who is experiencing tremendous struggles throughout the first year, compared to my previous schooling which was extremely easy. I want to know if ...
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Time management and organization for PhD Student in first year?

After failing the first year of the PhD program at a top university, I know that my poor performance resulted from dealing with a tremendously debilitating psychological condition, but it all was ...
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How to deal with procrastination issues [duplicate]

As a graduate student I switch between many tasks during each week. My activities consist of attending classes, doing homework, grading, working on my research and studying for exams. However I notice ...
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How to motivate myself to do more than the bare minimum that is required of me?

First, I should assure you this is a question about life in academia. I am currently studying for a Master's degree in mathematics at a top university. I also have a Master's degree in Artificial ...
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Mid-stage PhD student lost motivation [duplicate]

I'm a PhD student in literature who is nearly half way through my third year. Recently (last month or two) I feel like I've lost all motivation to work on my thesis. Instead of treating it like a ...
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PhD students, how did you get work done when you initially had no externally determined routine? [duplicate]

This question is geared towards (new) researchers who do not work in a lab and have no teaching duties, like maths PhD students. How did you learn to be productive when you started? After doing ...
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