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Does "required reviews completed" mean good news or bad? [duplicate]

I submitted by math paper to an Elsevier journal around 6 months ago. Today I logged into EES and saw that the status changed to "Required Reviews Completed" about 10 days ago. Is this good news or ...
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submission review is taking too long [duplicate]

I have submitted an article for a journal in which it was stated that the review time was from 80 to 120 days, that is approximately 4 months at most. The submission of my article was approximately 13 ...
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"Awaiting Editors Decision" what could it mean? [duplicate]

I submitted my paper to a engineering journal. It underwent a major revision and then a minor revision. The minor revision was some grammatical stuff. Now it is in the "Awaiting Editors Decision" mode ...
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Paper status with Associate editor after Under review [duplicate]

I have a submitted manuscript to IEEE transactions. The paper was under review for 4 months. Then, it has been with associate editor" for 2 week now. How this status can be explained?
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Manuscript status changed to editor assigned after under review, what could be the reason? [duplicate]

Recently I submitted minor revision to springer journal. For 3-4 days, the status of my manuscript status was showing to be Editor Assigned and after that status changed to Under Review. Now status of ...
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After with editor the current status is submitted to journal [duplicate]

I have communicated my article to one elsevier journal. After being with editor for more than one month, the current status is "submitted to journal". I am confused regarding this status? What does it ...
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No response from Journal even after 3 Months of submission [duplicate]

I had submitted a manuscript to an Elsevier Journal in February 9, 2016. Usually it takes time of around 1 week to get the manuscript number assigned something like XXXX-D-16-XXX and status changes ...
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The manuscript does not reach the required quality standard of this journal [duplicate]

I just received the following comment from an Elsevier editor "The manuscript does not reach the required quality standard of this journal.". To my mind say just that or nothing is pretty ...
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What are some reasons to get your work rejected? [duplicate]

I have submitted one of my work in a good journal (impact factor 6) and I got rejection after a few weeks. Though I was pretty sure that I covered all the experiments or stuff they can ask for. The ...
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All Reviewers Assigned : Nature Communications revised manuscript: What does it means? [duplicate]

I have a revised manuscript which I submitted to Nature Communications. The status of the manuscript says 'Reviewers Assigned' for about 24 days. What does it mean? Is it under review by the reviewers?...
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What does "awaiting EIC decision" mean when it occurs immediately after "awaiting reviewer selection"? [duplicate]

I submitted a paper to a top journal last week. At first, the status showed "awaiting AE recommendation". A few days ago, it was changed to "awaiting reviewer selection". So I thought it passed the ...
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How long decision in process normally takes? [duplicate]

I have submitted a manuscript to a journal on September after few days the status changed to under review and after 5 months the it changed to all required reviews are completed and immediately to ...
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Awaiting AE recommendation - Can be rejected? [duplicate]

I already referred to this post, post, post I recently submitted my paper to a journal 40-45 days back. For the first 10 days, it was reviewed by the managing editor and sent to us for some format ...
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Taylor and Francis Manuscript Status "Under Review" [duplicate]

Does this status mean it has been sent to referees? Or is could it still be desk rejected?
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ADM: Not Assigned Under Review [duplicate]

I recently submitted a paper to the international journal of adaptive control and signal processing Wiley. The statute of the paper is: STATUTE: ADM: Not Assigned Under Review Can someone tell me ...
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