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Should I referee for MDPI journal Mathematics? [duplicate]

As a general rule, when I receive a request to referee a paper from a journal, I do my best to accept it unless I have a strong reason not to. One possible reason is that the journal in question is ...
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Is MDPI a reputable publisher? [duplicate]

I have received an invite from MDPI to guest edit a special issue journal. I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on how reputable they are? This question has been asked on this forum before but ...
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How do I identify predatory and low quality journals? With Beall's List gone, how can I tell if a journal is spam?

Jeffrey Beall removed his list of predatory journals from the internet this past Sunday. While the reasons for his doing this are not yet public, this is a real loss of a valuable service. Does anyone ...
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How much does it cost the publisher to publish an academic article?

I am interested to know the cost of publishing an academic article. I do not mean in the simple sense of "what does a given journal charge an author to publish?" or "what does an association or ...
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Why are there so many papers written in bad English?

I am pretty sure that anyone who has spent some time reading academic papers have come across quite a few "lemons" among them, with bad grammar, strange word choices and incoherent sentences. Such ...
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Why do editors sometimes accept a paper even if a reviewer recommends rejection?

For the last many days, I have a question in mind related with the editorial decision of accepting or rejecting the manuscript after peer-review: Few days back I got a review report from a very ...
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Is it common for Chinese nationals to turn down review requests?

I am an associate editor for some international scientific journals. Unsurprisingly, I receive a number of submissions from Chinese scholars (working in China), which go through the standard peer ...
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Why do open access consortia affiliate themselves with questionable publishers

The open access publishing world has a number of predatory publishers. Many know about Beall's list which identifies publishers and journals that engage in questionable practices. The existence of ...
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Should I review for a new journal whose publisher is unjustifiably listed in Beall's list of predatory publishers?

I received a review request from an open access journal, which is brand new. It has published about 10 articles so far. The articles seem to be of mediocre quality but do not seem to plagiarize other ...
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Is it necessary to have a variety of publishers in the list of my own publications?

I am a junior researcher and physician at a German university hospital. I am part of a funding program with regular workshops on grant applications, scientific writing, etc. More recently, we ...
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Reviewing papers for MDPI: general feeling as a reviewer

So simple question for those that already reviewed for MDPI: how did you feel about the quality of the other reviewers (in general)? I have reviewed a handful of papers now as I feel it is necessary (...
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Can I predict the fate of my manuscript (from information other than a decision letter)?

On this site we often get questions along the lines of: I submitted my manuscript to a journal. X happened. Does this indicate that my manuscript is about to be rejected/accepted? Here X is ...
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What is special about the MDPI special issues?

This question is related to this question, but specifically regards the special issues by MDPI. They seem to have a quite high number of special issues for every journal per year and as far as I ...
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Peer Review, round 1, 6 reviewer reports, what could be the reason?

I have sent a manuscript to Optica, I have published there before and in other high-impact journals. This time my submission was first sent to 5 referees (I listed three names as requested). I thought ...
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Is the review process at MDPI fair to reviewers? [duplicate]

I was asked to review for an MDPI journal and realized while requesting to extend the deadline for my review that the editor at MDPI intended to send review requests to several reviewers, to gather ...
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