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Breadth vs. depth of reading in preparation for postgraduate study [duplicate]

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How to read an article? [duplicate]

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Good practices for organizing notes

As a PhD student I generate a lot of pages with calculations, ideas and lecture notes. Most of them are useful only for a short amount of time, but some may be important for much longer (when writing ...
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How can I do a literature review efficiently?

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How to efficiently read mathematically and theoretically dense books in STEM fields?

When it comes to reading, there are literally thousands of methods from Speed Reading to SQ3R to Sequential(Word by Word till the end). My question is regarding reading mathematically/theoretically ...
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How to stay on top of recent literature?

When I started my Masters thesis one advice I got for getting good material to read was to subscribe to several journals' alerts system, so that I would get mails with eTOC (electronic Table of ...
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How should I go about reading mathematics papers and textbooks as a PhD student

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Should I cite a paper for its literature review?

Let's say I'm writing a report about sociological consideration of Aurora borealis in hipster communities. I want to support the value of my paper by showing that the way in which people consider ...
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I can't come to finish the textbooks I start

Background I decided to pursue Physics independent of my course, a while back. I selected a few textbooks to study for this. And.. I could not come to "finish"[1] them. It's been an year and ...
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How do I understand the main concepts in a paper by just skimming through it?

What's the best method to understand the real concept that a paper is trying to explain? Should one go through the paper as it is presented, from first page to last page? Is there a specific walk-...
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How to quickly understand the main idea when reading a paper?

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Breadth or depth in math graduate school?

I'm a recently admitted in a masters program in mathematics. My question is about "strategy" of learning. Should I focus on learning many things or should I pick an research area and start learning ...
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Best Way To Research On An Alien Topic?

One of the key challenges I have faced whilst transitioning to university life and further has been the independence bestowed upon oneself to find out information on their own. What is the best way to ...
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