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Applying for funding when you can self fund [duplicate]

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How to tell a professor at a foreign university politely and impressively that I can’t cover the costs of living for my PhD?

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Difficulty being admitted to good PhD programs in the UK

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Is it worth self-funding a PhD to attend a top 10 university?

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Implications of being accepted without funding to a computer science PhD in the United States?

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Will I be treated differently from funded students if I attend graduate school without full funding?

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Does it make sense to "pause" an academic career so that I can pursue financial independence and self-fund my research?

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Should I mention that I'm able to self fund my degree in my SOP?

Should I mention that I'm able to self fund my degree in my SOP? I don't find anywhere else in the application process where I can communicate such information. I'm a prospective international ...
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Have money, but am old--how will these affect PhD application [duplicate]

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