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Difference between conference paper and journal paper

Many times I heard about papers published in conference. But still I am not able to find the major difference between papers published in a conference and those published in a journal. What is the ...
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What is a computer science conference, really?

I understand that in the field of computer science, publishing in a conference is the default, as opposed to other fields where it's normal to publish your research in a journal. But does the word ...
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Conferences as publication venues – black and white or is there a grey or third way?

There are two ways of treating conferences that are commonly mentioned on this site: Conferences are publication venues for papers (or similar). Submissions will be subjected to a serious peer review,...
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Why are conference papers so important in computer science (CS)?

From my understanding many CS conferences are highly selective and the papers are peer-reviewed. The CS field also seems to publish traditional journal articles. I do not understand the difference ...
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What's the expected level of paper for top conferences in Computer Science [closed]

What's the expected level of paper to be submitted to top level conferences in theoretical computer science (FOCS/SODA/STOC)? I think there should be four main concern: Is it a novel results? How ...
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Journal vs conference publications when looking for a job in in computer science

I'm currently a post doc in theoretical computer science and I have a double digit number of conference publications, about half of which are at so called "tier 1" conferences (SODA,STOC,...). ...
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Journal publication and acceptance to competitive conferences

My graduate training is in an interdisciplinary field (bioinformatics). I am affiliated both with a genetics department and an interdepartmental program that encompasses everything from genetics to ...
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In Computer Science, does a presentation of findings at a conference constitute a "publication"?

Most of the research I have done so far is in Computational Chemistry, where the major emphasis is on publishing in journals. But I also research aspects of Computer Science,and I have read here that ...
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Why conferences are the main venue for CS research?

Based on @JeffE's suggestion here, I see many CS researchers care mostly about conferences deadlines. Even when they want to read papers, usually they check the recent proceedings of different ...
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Why do big companies ask for conference instead of journal publications?

It is generalized that journal publications are normally more complete research papers than those in conference proceedings. However, when applying for a job in the industry, most companies (e.g. ...
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Should computer science indexing sites be considered in rating research?

I am currently working at a university of applied sciences, in the field of Computer Science. Recently there has been formed a section that is in charge of giving stipends related to research. This ...
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Why computer science discipline has different publications requirements: conferences as well as journals [duplicate]

Why is it like in CS, people expect from you both kinds of publications: conferences as well as journals? I read some articles which says some conference have low acceptance ratio and you should count ...
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