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How to improve graduate student recruitment at a small, good, but non-elite department?

I am a mathematics professor in a small, good but non-elite department in the US. Several of my colleagues and I would like to work to improve our recruitment of strong prospective Ph.D. students. We ...
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How does the admissions process work for Ph.D. programs in Country X?

This is a special community wiki 'canonical' question that aggregates advice on a frequently-asked question. See this meta discussion. Please feel free to edit this question to improve it. Please give ...
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What's wrong with my e-mail to potential PhD supervisors?

I recently sent some e-mails to potential supervisors asking information for a PhD with them, I obtained no answers. I share my doubts and then copy the standard mail I sent. I sent it to 5 ...
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Academic dismissal from PhD program. What next?

A couple semesters after beginning my PhD program (in the US), I was dismissed from the program because: My GPA was slightly below the program's minimum (after being on academic probation for one ...
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Is there a bias in top tier PhD admissions at top tier universities to favor those with undergraduate degrees from other top tier universities?

Out of 9 applications to graduate schools ranked in the top 25 according to US News, I was accepted to only one PhD program in Electrical Engineering, and just barely (see note below). According to my ...
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Which is more important when applying to grad school (particularly top grad schools): Research or Letters?

While looking around for an answer to this, I have been getting conflicting opinions/answers, so I decided to ask here: Is publishing a great research paper as an undergrad more important than great ...
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Should you discuss childhood economic hardships in SOP?

I am currently filling out a few PhD applications for computer science, and I have noticed a strong pattern in Statement of Purpose (SOP) guidelines that try to incentivise you to discuss your ...
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Getting back into academics after an industry stint: what can I do while still in industry to improve my research profile?

I am a computer science engineer with around 3 years of experience designing and implementing large scale software systems. I chose to join a job right after my masters, to get a feel of what the ...
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How can anyone assess their own Phd application prior to actually applying to determine its weaknesses and figure out what to do next?

How can an undergraduate student self-assess his/her PhD application prior to actually applying for PhD programs? As prospective PhD students, we can generally compare ourselves to other students at ...
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How to find math grad programs with lower admission standards?

My apologies if this question has been asked before. I found some that were similar, but the advice offered addressed mid- to upper-tier schools, and the tools/rankings didn't seem to fit what I was ...
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Statement of Purpose for Math PhD's with a fairly complicated mathematical history

TL;DR: I'm applying for a PhD program in mathematics, but my academic performance was bad for a long while and I already have a PhD attempt that I ended early. (However, I now have good enough ...
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What should I do now to go ahead and restart my aspirations to become an appropriate candidate for a Ph.D. program?

According to Dr. Daniel G. Amen, each person has his personal definition of success. Therefore, you can't argue with anyone regarding their personal definition of success. My personal definition of ...
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Is it pragmatically beneficial to pursue a master degree before applying for a math PhD in the U.S.?

Question One is supposed to be devoted to pure mathematics. Is it beneficial for one to pursue a master degree before applying a math PhD in the United States? Backgrounds The question is due to ...
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Is sending fall semester transcripts beneficial even if grades show a downtrend?

I received my undergraduate transcript with the fall semester grades a week back; I was wondering whether I should use it over an old transcript for my application to grad school in the US (top 10 in ...
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Academically dismissed from grad school but want to reapply [duplicate]

Back in the Fall of 2013, I attended a masters program straight out of college. Turned out to be extremely overwhelming relocating to NYC, living on my own and starting grad school. I knew I was in ...
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