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How does the admissions process work for Ph.D. programs in the UK, particularly for weak or borderline students? [closed]

Related: How does the admissions process work for PhD. programs in the US, particularly for weak or borderline students? When applying to a PhD program in UK (where GRE is not accepted), how does the ...
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How much damage could a 'C' in Abstract Algebra Course cause? and How to minimize the effect? [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate math major student in my junior year. I've taken Abstract Algebra 1 last fall. I got a C in that class (I got 65%). In most of my previous courses I got A's, and in some courses ...
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Enough for Grad School? [duplicate]

I just finished my 3rd year in a combined pure/applied math program at a Canadian university. I have been leaning towards pure math, but I'm not sure if I'll have done enough to go to grad school for ...
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What GRE verbal score is needed for a non-native English speaker to get into math or applied math PhD programs in the USA? [duplicate]

I am an international student whose native language is not English. I am planning to apply for a Phd program in math or applied math in US in the future and general GRE test is a requirement. From ...
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How important are pure math grades for applied math graduate schools? [duplicate]

I'm an applied math/econ major in the U.S. and am looking into pursuing a masters degree in applied math. This term curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take abstract algebra and I am not ...
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Will my UGPA keep my application from even being looked at, despite having turned things around? [duplicate]

I'm an international student who recently applied to CS Ph.D. programs in the US and this thought's been eating me up. My undergrad background isn't actually in CS. I was originally a literature major ...
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Entering PhD with bad masters grades and no thesis [duplicate]

I am a foreign national who came to the US to pursue my Master and now working at a robotics startup company. I had pretty good grades and awards from my bachelor's degree. But, after coming to the US,...
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W in transcript [duplicate]

I am in second year of Master course in physics. In the 2nd semester, I took a course in material science dept. called Solid State Physics, but then I dropped it because I took other Solid State ...
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Pursuing PhD in Programming Languages/ Compilers [closed]

I am currently working as a software developer. Of recent I have developed interest in programming languages ever since I started learning Lisp. I have started myself using Clojure(a dialect of Lisp ...
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Is it worthwhile to retake the GRE (math) subject test? [duplicate]

I took the math subject test recently and conservatively speaking I think my score range is mid 60s-mid/high 70s percentile, although it is hard to say for sure. My biggest problem was running out of ...
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Graduate schools with no test score cutoffs [duplicate]

I recently received my math subject gre scores and did extremely poor on it (620: 41 percentile). This was an absolute shock to me as I have been preparing for the test since summer but I want to make ...
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having a high score in PGRE test is enough for me to be accepted im astrophysics' graduate programs? [duplicate]

I am a law student. I am studying physics on my own to attend a PGRE test because Astrophysics always fascinates me. I want to have a Masters Degree in astrophysics but I have no Bachelor's Degree in ...
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Do graduate admission committees perform a first phase filtering based on GPA? [duplicate]

I heard from some sources that some applications are discarded before the professors in the committee even looked at it, based on GPA. How true is this? How do they equalize GPAs from different ...
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The mathematics GRE score Advice- Should I send? [duplicate]

My GRE Score is 740(68%) and is only recommended when applying for a Ph.D in statistics. Is sending this score disadvantageous to me? I did not take mathematical classes that are strongly required ...
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Do grad school look at every application despite cGPA? For masters in urban planning [duplicate]

I attend McGill university and I have a learning disability (recorded by the school). During covid-19, adjusting was very difficult. Therefore, I do not have the best grades. However, since classes ...
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