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Statement of Purpose for Math PhD's with a fairly complicated mathematical history

TL;DR: I'm applying for a PhD program in mathematics, but my academic performance was bad for a long while and I already have a PhD attempt that I ended early. (However, I now have good enough ...
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Medical Withdrawals and Grad School Admission [duplicate]

I am an undergraduate student studying mathematics and I am planning to apply for PhD programs after my graduation. However, I have 11 W's on my transcript currently, and I worry how it will affect my ...
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Applying for a PhD in CS with a 3.7 undegrad GPA, with a D in one course [duplicate]

I’m applying for a PhD program in CS. My undergrad gpa is 3.7 but I got a D in my algorithm course because I had Covid in my final. I did have a 3.9 gpa in my master’s degree with all As except one A-....
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Effect of Master's grades on PhD application to top unis in Europe

I am a master's student in stem cell biology at one of the TUs in Germany. It's been one year of my program and my current grade average is 2.2 GPA almost equivalent to 75-80%. The thing is I am ...
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I have 4 semesters of terrible grades from 6 years ago due to epilepsy. Do I have any chance at still making it into grad school?

8 years ago, I had a brain injury that caused me to start having seizures on a daily basis. The problem is that they were not typical, it just looked like I would faint, and then I wouldn’t be able to ...
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What are my chances of admission to high-ranked PhD programs given my mediocre GRE taken in 2018 (154 V, 153 Q),but Master's degree in Yale? [duplicate]

So hey everyone! Basically I have been lately considering applying to a PhD in Political Science, 2 years after I finished my Master's degree in an Ivy League institution in a related field. As it ...
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Do master's degree grades affect graduate school applications? [duplicate]

Recently I got my master's degree from a relatively unknown university, (500-600 ranking). Due to psychological implications, (signs of severe clinical depression) of COVID quaranteens and other ...
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How badly would a D grade in Measure Theory & Lebesgue Integration hurt my PhD application?

I am an MS student in Data Science and have completed my 1st year. I decided to take Measure Theory because I was very fascinated by it and also wanted to challenge myself with an advanced proof-...
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What to do when one failed a course in their early years in Bsc which is not part of their major subject

I am a 1st year Bachelor of science student from India, from a well reputed institution, and I want to take physics as my major. I am very passionate about it, and a few of the senior professors ...
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Graduate School admissions [duplicate]

I plan on applying to graduate school at the end of the summer when the application opens. I have 4 prerequisites left to take before admission if I get accepted as I am currently in my senior year of ...
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As a MSc. in Civil Engineering what are my chances to find a fully funded Ph.D position in Bioinformatics? [duplicate]

Having graduated with sub 3.0 GPA BSc and MSc with a 3.5 GPA in civil engineering and despite currently working professionally, I am considering a possible career change into bioinformatics. ...
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Is my GPA good enough for the graduate mathematics schools in the US? [duplicate]

I am an undergraduate engineering student in Azerbaijan, and my major is process automation; however, I intend to change it and study mathematics in one of the grad schools in the US. I received only ...
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Effect of a "bad grade" in grad school applications [duplicate]

I had a "bad grade" in a class in my 4th year of undergraduate studies. The problem is that this class is crucial for the graduate program I intend to pursue. I got a 91%, which I know is a ...
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Do grad school look at every application despite cGPA? For masters in urban planning [duplicate]

I attend McGill university and I have a learning disability (recorded by the school). During covid-19, adjusting was very difficult. Therefore, I do not have the best grades. However, since classes ...
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PhD Application rejected [closed]

I have been applying for PhD and got rejected by eight schools so far in the US, the UK and Canada. I just completed my MSc in the UK with distinction. My supervisor who is a professor write me a good ...
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