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Advice on applying for Economics graduate programs with a low GRE [duplicate]

I took the GRE in August and scored a 301 and took it recently again and scored a 308. My field of work is primarily in Behavioural Economics so I plan on applying to specialized and general Economics ...
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What is a good grade for an MS student expecting to apply for a PhD in a top-tier school? [duplicate]

Although I understand that getting an admission into a PhD program depends on many factors, for example--BS and MS GPA, number of journal papers and their quality, number of conference papers and ...
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Chances of Getting into Neuroscience PhD program [duplicate]

I have a 3.46 overall gpa ( I'm retaking organic chemistry, so it should be closer to a 3.6 or a 3.7 by the time I graduate) and a 3.7 in my Biology major. My gre scores are pretty shoddy, not gonna ...
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Mathematics GRE for graduate engineering admissions [duplicate]

I would like to apply for a Ph.D. in engineering in the US. My area of interest (control systems/dynamics) is closely related to (applied) mathematics. Would a reasonable but not outstanding result (e....
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How important are pure math grades for applied math graduate schools? [duplicate]

I'm an applied math/econ major in the U.S. and am looking into pursuing a masters degree in applied math. This term curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take abstract algebra and I am not ...
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Chances of getting into a PhD program (Physics) after an MS from another stream (Chemistry) [duplicate]

I am an international student who started my PhD program in chemistry at an R1 university in the US, at the beginning of Fall 2019. As I credited graduate level courses in Physics like Mathematical ...
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Grad school, biology, funding? [duplicate]

I am a student of biology at a State school in New York (SUNY), and my school is very liberal arts focused, I am also a racial minority. I also have a poor GPA, 2.7ish currently, due to failings of a ...
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Getting into a PhD program with a low gpa but good profile [duplicate]

I am going to apply to few PhD programs in Microbiology (I'm particularly very interested in Microbial ecology) but I'm afraid my undergrad gpa (8.5/10 for the first 6 semester as I'm currently in my ...
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Should I get post-bacc in Mathematics or go straight to Computer Science Research? [duplicate]

I have just been hired to work in the IT Division at a top 10 University in the U.S., and they said that I can take classes at the college. Currently, I have a B.S. in computer science and a minor in ...
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Is getting into grad school hard for applied mathematics? [duplicate]

I am looking at program for grad school in applied mathematics. If I currently A 3.56 GPA, will it be a challenge to get into grad school?
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What levels of graduate schools can various combinations of GPAs and GREs get you into [duplicate]

Assume that the candidate is a graduate of a good state school, e.g. North Carolina or Ohio State. Then I want to explore this candidate's probable viability in getting into "second tier" ...
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How GRE score affect your acceptance rate [duplicate]

Suppose you are very bad at undergraduate but did well on your GRE test. How would that affect you application?
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Does a low score in mathematics on transcripts affect graduate admissions? (CS PhD USA) [duplicate]

Background: CS Undergrad Applying to CS PhD Programs in the USA. I have a GPA of 8.9 ~ (after converting) 3.5? (Not too sure, I am in a Tier-II College in India). According to me, I feel a GPA of 8.9 ...
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Can someone with low master's grades be accepted to a scholarship for phd program? [duplicate]

I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics with grade 15.5/20 and M1+M2 degrees together 12.2/20. (French system university) (M2 degree in differential geometry and geometric control). I want to apply ...
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Masters application with bad 1st year transcript [duplicate]

When I started the course I had a very negative attitude and did not participate or even bother trying to pass. I am not proud to say that I failed multiple subjects in my first year of degree. In my ...
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