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Can the GRE Sub in Psychology compensate for my low GPA? [duplicate]

I am a psychology student. My GPA is quite low: 3.6 for first 3 years but 2.8 for last 3 years ( I spent 6 years in undergrad because I transferred and lost 2 years of credits). However, I will have a ...
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Is it possible to enter a competitive PhD program with a mediocre GPA and several publications? [duplicate]

I'm intending to apply to biostatistics PhD programs this fall and can't stop worrying about the fact that I'll almost certainly have a lower-than-average GPA (< 3.5) when I apply to the ...
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Terrible undergraduate transcripts. Everything else is good. Is it still worth applying to a Ph.D program in economics in a top 30 U.S. university? [duplicate]

I am an international student who is thinking of applying to a Ph.D program in economics at some top 30 economics departments in the U.S. I have a bachelor's and a master's degree in economics. My GRE,...
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Using Industry experience to recover from bad undergrad record [duplicate]

I graduated 2 years ago from a (frankly shitty) US state school with a 2.9 GPA and a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer science and no research experience. I am well aware that this is a very poor ...
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How to become competitive for PhD in data science? [duplicate]

I want to apply for Ph.D at a good Western university (e.g., in the UK or US) in data science. I have a master's degree (no thesis) and only one publication in a local journal. Will I be competitive ...
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I want to apply for a Masters degree but have a low average, what can I do? [duplicate]

I´m a recently graduated mechanical engineer, I want to apply for a Masters degree but my average is quite low for a lot of universities requirements, what can I do in order to be more eligible?
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Applied math PhD programs - no. of courses to counterbalance low GPA? [duplicate]

I’m about to turn 38 and after much research and consideration I have decided that I need to return to school. My goal is to apply to applied math PhD programs and work in industry, ideally working on ...
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Is grad school out of the question? [duplicate]

I am a current chemical engineering student with a 2.8 GPA and two years research experience and one paper in the works of being published. Is being admitted into a chemical engineering or bio-...
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I just received a shameful F on 1st Year Writing. How negatively will grad school look at this grade [duplicate]

So this is the first time I am posting on this website, so I am sorry for any possible breach of etiquette. I have just finished my first year with a cumulative GPA of 3.55. However, with that I have ...
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I might not get any PhD offers this year. I would like to apply again , what can I do to maximize chances [duplicate]

I am a mathematics undergraduate. I would like to get into a top 10 PhD school and might not do so this year. I would like to apply again and want to do what whatever is necessary to maximize my ...
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How will C+ and many B+ during online school affect PhD admissions? [duplicate]

I'm finishing my second year at a top research university in mathematics, and my major gpa is still a 3.99, however my grades in other subjects have suffered tremendously due to the pandemic stress ...
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What should I do when getting a C in a core graduate course as an undergraduate planning to apply for grad school in applied math? [duplicate]

I'm a third year undergraduate student planning to apply for graduate school in applied math. I have done REU in applied math and had one conference paper. I had decent grades in my undergraduate math ...
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Bad GRE scores, but otherwise decent application to PhD program. Still worth it? [duplicate]

I just finished my MA in Global Affairs, and I am applying to several International Relations PhD programs, one of which is very competitive. I have a 3.9 GPA, 1 1/2 years of experience in research ...
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Low gpa for grad school in my case [duplicate]

I am a college senior with 3.2 math gpa, who aspire to go to math grad school. I cannot stay in college any longer due to financial difficulties. My junior year I lost focus and got bunch of C's. ...
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Chance of getting into engineering PhD if I have good references and research experience but don't satisfy 3.0 GPA requirement? [duplicate]

I graduated with 2.7 undergrad, and currently pursuing a masters degree and will graduate with 3.3. I plan to apply for PhD programs in engineering for 2017 Fall. Here is my question: Many schools ...
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