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Will a low grade in my final year of an undergraduate program affect my chances of being accepted into graduate school? [duplicate]

I am currently taking a course where my final mark is determine by 2 papers worth 50% each. I really hoped to get at least a B on my first paper. Unfortunately, I got a B- (71%?). I worked for 2-3 ...
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Getting into grad school with a bad record. [duplicate]

So I'm currently in junior year of my undergrad as an Electrical Engineering major. As of this moment my GPA's 3.25; however, throughout my college career I've had to retake courses multiple times in ...
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How badly will bad grades impact future college and career life? [duplicate]

So, I'm currently an upcoming sophomore in undergrad and my grades during freshman year weren't the best. I got a F during my second semester which gave me an overall freshman GPA of 2.9 I'm not too ...
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Interested in Neuroscience programs but lack research experience & grades [duplicate]

About me: I'm in my last year of undergraduate studies majoring in cognitive science at a very prestigious university. I'm very interested in going to graduate school for neuroscience. My concerns: ...
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Does having a low CGPA reduce my opportunity to get an MS admit from top universities like Stanford, UC berkeley, etc? [duplicate]

So my case is a little different. I never liked my college studies much because the subjects never excited me, which eventually lead to a low CGPA (7.18/10). But I started to have a strong liking for ...
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Applying to Math PhD programs from Weak Undergraduate [duplicate]

First, some information about me. I’m a senior at a small liberal arts school at the US (I will be graduating in 3 years because I took a bunch of college courses in high school), and my heart is set ...
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Is it possible for average students to get admitted in good colleges for MS? [duplicate]

So, if I get a 320 plus GRE score and have a CGPA of 7.0 with no research paper but a lot of social and extracurricular activities, is it possible for me to get admitted to a good college in USA? I ...
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Post-Bac Program Help Low GPA [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate student studying computer science in my last year. I graduate in Spring 2017. I have a 2.97 GPA. I will likely have a 3.0-3.1 when I graduate. I want to end up at a top university ...
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Will low grades for a minor on my trascript affect my chances of getting into grad school? [duplicate]

So, I started out as an Information Technology major and now decided to pursue Psychology. I wanted to also pursue a minor in Computer Science instead because I am 1 class away from a minor. I am ...
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Bad undergraduate grades, decent research experience, what are the chances of PhD admits? [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate student in Electronics and Electrical Engineering but am more interested in research in computer science and have decent research experience. I have done a summer internship at a ...
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What GRE verbal score is needed for a non-native English speaker to get into math or applied math PhD programs in the USA? [duplicate]

I am an international student whose native language is not English. I am planning to apply for a Phd program in math or applied math in US in the future and general GRE test is a requirement. From ...
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Can who you pick as "faculty members of interest" make-or-break your PhD application? [duplicate]

Can who you pick as "faculty members of interest" make-or-break your PhD application? Question I: If one happens to pick only faculty who aren't taking in PhD students will that doom ones ...
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I want to make a PhD thesis but my qualifications are bad .. do I have any chance [duplicate]

This is my question: I want to do a thesis but my qualifications are bad so I do not know if I will be able to find a thesis advisor. What can I do? Are there universities who do not care about ...
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How does grad school view a consistent B average in a course sequence? [duplicate]

I'm a math major, and in an undergraduate real analysis sequence I got a B- and B over the two semesters. A year later I took the first year graduate real analysis sequence and got a B+ and a B over ...
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Compensating for a bad undergraduate record so as to get into a good graduate school [duplicate]

I am currently a final-year undergraduate student of economics. I am among the top ten of my class. I am in Europe so my degree program would usually take me 3 years; I am going to complete it in two. ...
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