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Will a 3.8 GPA and 1 F with an explanation on transcript allow me to get into graduate school? [duplicate]

I am currently in my junior year, studying abroad in another country. The advisor at this school told me that I was enrolled in 5 businesses classes. I had asked her to drop one of them because I didn'...
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PhD application, low Master's GPA [duplicate]

I am wrapping up the first year of my Master's degree at an R1 university (social sciences program). I really want to apply for my PhD, but I am concerned that my master's GPA is prohibitively low. I ...
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PhD Applications: Can a good academic record in my master's compensate for a horrible UG academic record? [duplicate]

I have a very bad undergraduate academic record -- I failed or didn't attend the end semester exams for many courses (15 courses, to be exact!), and I had to clear these later on, towards the end of ...
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What features should be included in your actual accomplishments and skills to be accepted in a top university like MIT [duplicate]

I was wondering about how can one apply for a PhD program in a top ranked university. I can tell you about a namely accomplishments and skills which is labelled as 'very good' for a graduated M.Sc ...
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Will a MS with ~3.7GPA with good research experience and strong recommendations offset my horrible U-GPA to get into PhD? [duplicate]

My u-GPA is about 2.8 and GRE is 330, from now on is a hypothetical scenario as I haven't done my masters yet so if you could treat it as an actual case and give me subjective answers that would be ...
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Low gpa, but plenty of experience: Neuroscience grad school chances? How can I improve? [duplicate]

I am a Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior (NPB) undergrad student at UC Davis. I am taking my last year and a half (with 5th year) of classes. I transferred to UC Davis from UC Santa Cruz for my ...
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What matters most : published papers or GPA? (for scholarship and future career) [duplicate]

I studied BSc chemistry and because I didn't like it, my BSc GPA is 2.46. Alongside with BSc duration, I studied mathematics at home as a self-learner. Since my BSc-GPA was too low, so I got admission ...
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PhD Program with a bad GPA [duplicate]

I am a student from Poland. I am bachelor in Economics and Logistics and now I am doing my Masters from Econometrics. I have quite good achievements (1-year scholarship in Japan, ambassador program ...
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Can I get a scholarship from graduate school in physics if my GPA below 3? [duplicate]

I'm fresh physics graduated student from University of Jordan -Middle East-, My GPA is below 3, so Can I get a scholarship from graduate school in physics at -US- if my GPA below 3, If yes what is the ...
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Coming from a "No Name" University outside the US, what are my chances for admission [duplicate]

Background Information I would soon be graduating with an engineering degree from a "no name" university somewhere in Nigeria. My performance during my degree was above average. I am hoping ...
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How much damage could a 'C' in Abstract Algebra Course cause? and How to minimize the effect? [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate math major student in my junior year. I've taken Abstract Algebra 1 last fall. I got a C in that class (I got 65%). In most of my previous courses I got A's, and in some courses ...
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How much does college name matter for doctoral program application? [duplicate]

I wanted to know how much weight the college someone got a master's from matters while applying for a doctoral program? So for instance, if a person is enrolled in a college which is not well known ...
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Is it impossible to find a PhD position for someone who has failed courses during their master's degree? [duplicate]

Suppose a computer science student who has had lots of life problems and failed courses during their master's degree, but eventually defended successfully with an excellent score, seeks PhD positions. ...
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Will a low grade in my final year of an undergraduate program affect my chances of being accepted into graduate school? [duplicate]

I am currently taking a course where my final mark is determine by 2 papers worth 50% each. I really hoped to get at least a B on my first paper. Unfortunately, I got a B- (71%?). I worked for 2-3 ...
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Does having a low CGPA reduce my opportunity to get an MS admit from top universities like Stanford, UC berkeley, etc? [duplicate]

So my case is a little different. I never liked my college studies much because the subjects never excited me, which eventually lead to a low CGPA (7.18/10). But I started to have a strong liking for ...
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