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Are there "restart" mechanisms for candidates seeking a graduate admission with a mediocre undergraduate record? [closed]

To take one example, the University of Pittsburgh offers certificate programs equivalent to a minor to non-degree students, and also offers a chance at a "second" bachelor's degree. Suppose there was ...
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How can I make up for weak grades (PhD level courses in master transcript) while applying for Ph.D. in economics?

I want to apply for Ph.D. in Economics in HK, US or Europe, but I met a problem. MY UNDERGRADUATE I am Chinese. My undergraduate was in Peking University majoring in Economics. Though it's one of ...
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Valuing Proprietary Research for Grad Admissions

I am a second-year Math and CS undergraduate in the US. I am beginning to consider my prospects for graduate school, or possibly industry research. My research experience thus far is from an ...
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What can I do in my last semester to improve my chances of admission to physics PhD with a poor GPA? [duplicate]

I am transitioning from EE to Physics in MS program. I am taking courses required for my research. Also, I am taking courses that will help me in finding employment after MS. Due to this act of ...
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How do admissions committees perceive poor grades in "core" classes in the major, for students with better grades in "harder" classes?

I prefer to avoid the "do I have what it takes to get in?" question, and would rather focus on how a particular graduate committee contemplates a few poor grades on a transcript, particularly in core ...
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Advice - Entering/completing MS program to increase competitiveness for PhD programs? [closed]

This fall, I am planning on applying to PhD programs as a graduated student. However, I’m having to make up for an abysmal undergrad - 3.23 GPA, very very intro research experience, and not too many ...
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Transitioning back to science after working outside of the field?

I went to university studying Immunology but university as a whole was rough for me because I was a poor international student (on scholarship) and my mental health was really bad in general. I ...
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Getting into phd [duplicate]

I'm from India and needed some suggestions for PhD admissions . I have completed my undergraduate this year with physics as my major. I have 2 gap years after my high school . How much does gap years ...
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Does Relevant Industry Experience help with PhD application in US for Applied Science Fields? [duplicate]

I am now pursuing a master in Optics in Germany and decide to apply to PhD programs of Optics/Applied Physics/ECE in US for 2023fall. My research interest is on experimental quantum information. Here ...
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