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Does waiting a few years before pursuing a PhD affect chances of getting admitted?

This is a somewhat long question. I hope you can take the time to read it carefully. I obtained my bachelor's degree in physics in June 2019. I decided I wanted to go to physics graduate school in the ...
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When applying to grad school: GPA vs Prestige [closed]

For undergraduate studies is it preferable to go the a prestigious school and get decent GPA or to go to not well known school but be top of the class?
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Am I likely to struggle in a high-ranked PhD program, if I struggled to get GPA of 3.5 in my master's?

I want to be realistic whether I am a material who can complete PhD at top universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley or Caltech. Grad school courses were hard. I scored 3.5 GPA in my ...
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Will low grades on my transcript ruin my chances of getting into an MBA program, even if I retake classes for course forgiveness?

I'm sure this question has been asked frequently. However, I'm an undergrad, currently finished my sophomore first semester. I have gotten Ds (twice currently, not in the same semesters) on my ...
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Grad school admission after bad grade in research class for different discipline

I have a predicament. I am about 4 weeks shy of graduating from a small Virginia (USA) school with a BA in English literature and I received a D in an upper-level research class in linguistics, which ...
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Does a degree in economics/corporate finance from an Italian university prepare me for a PhD in economics?

i am a master of corporate finance student in Bocconi. i have a bachelor degree in economics and wanted to continue on it but decided to switch to finance due to some restraints (my scholarship from ...
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How to compensate for previous low grades when applying to PhDs in the UK?

I want to know how to compensate a low overall grade for past education for a Ph.D. application in computer science in the UK ? Thanks
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Bad First Undergraduate Semester [duplicate]

I am an undergraduate student who is majoring in physics and computer science (two majors) at Baylor University, but had a bad first semester while taking Elementary Chinese, Calculus I, General ...
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How long does a PhD take in the United States? [duplicate]

How many years does it take to get a PhD in the USA? What is the typical time to degree? I heard a rumor it was five years.
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How graduate admission committees choose between TOEFL scores?

I recently took the TOEFL test and my score didn't satisfy me, even the result is above the minimum requirement for almost all universities. If I will retake the test and send my new score for ...
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How badly would a D grade in Measure Theory & Lebesgue Integration hurt my PhD application?

I am an MS student in Data Science and have completed my 1st year. I decided to take Measure Theory because I was very fascinated by it and also wanted to challenge myself with an advanced proof-...
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What do I do about an unfixable F when I am applying for a graduate program?

I studied three years as a History major, and I received many bad grades. So I transferred out to a different school in its computer science program. I have completed up to third year (and a little ...
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Do I stand a chance in US universities? How can I ask for so many recommendation letters? [closed]

I'm a fresh graduate with a bachelor degree in electrical and electronic engineering, currently aiming to study in the US for my masters degree. I am an international graduate from an accredited ...
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Weight of undergraduate grades when applying for a Ph.D

I am an undergraduate student in Computer Engineering and I would like to do a Ph.D. at a well reputed university. I am facing a problem because I took some borderline pass grades in a few courses (3 ...
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Strategies for the selection of graduate programs for borderline/weak applicants (STEM)

This question is aimed at the countries where the graduate program admission decisions are normally made at the department level; the primary sources of funding are TAs/RAs and there is at least one ...
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